Tesla to expand Shanghai Gigafactory to build 1 million cars a year

If we tell you that the Shanghai Gigafactory is going to become the largest Tesla center, we are not telling you anything new, in fact it already is. The Chinese plant has a completely insane production rate, even after the stoppage due to the COVID pandemic and the multiple difficulties that arose for the subsequent start-up. that capacity has encouraged those in Austin to accelerate its expansion, considering completely incredible figures.

Before moving forward you have to gain momentum. Tesla is already planning the expansion and for this it will have to close part of the facilities to be able to undertake the necessary reforms. When the large factory was inaugurated a few years ago, it was already built with possible expansions in mind. Nonetheless for a few weeks part of the factory will be closed, which will mean slowing down the production rate a bitbut only for a few weeks.

Various sources have commented that the updating works will begin this same month of July and that they will last approximately between 4 and 6 weeks. This means that in August the Shanghai Gigafactory will be 100% operational again and with an increased production capacity. Currently, in a normal week, approximately 16,500 cars are producedbetween Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. The new figure far exceeds that level.

Overview of the Shanghai Gigafactory

It is expected that After this small remodeling, the Shanghai Gigafactory is able to increase production to 21,000 units per week. If we multiply that impressive figure by the 52 weeks that a calendar year has, we are talking about an annual production of more than a million units. In other words, the Chinese plant would be capable of manufacturing more cars by itself than Tesla sold last year. Most of the production will correspond to the Model Y, representing more than 65% of the total units.

Elon Musk and part of the Tesla board of directors have been discussing the possibility of expansion for some time. However, problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in China have delayed the project. If Shanghai is finally able to produce the figures being considered, it will become the largest car plant in the worldsurpassing installations of giants such as BMW, Toyota, Ford or Volkswagen.

This is not the only reform that Tesla is planning, as all eyes are on the Berlin Gigafactory. It has only been operational for a few months, but those in Austin are already planning to expand it in order to improve the volume of production. Last week workers at the German plant celebrated the production of 1,000 vehicles a week. A figure much lower than that of the Chinese plant, but still very remarkable considering the youth of the facilities.

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