Tesla revolutionizes the recharging map of electric cars in Spain with its network of Superchargers

The pilot program that Tesla is carrying out to open its Supercharger network to electric vehicles of other brands has arrived in Spain. The 13 stations that the manufacturer has opened for now in the Peninsula (of the 41 you have in total) add up to a total of 119 points of new recharge whose maximum power is between 150 and 250 kW. Although with these first open stations it is not yet possible to travel to any place in Spain, when the rest are added, it will be possible.

In January of this year, Tesla announced the launch of a pilot program to start opening its Supercharger network to electric cars from other manufacturers. The tests started at 10 stations in the Netherlands, which was later expanded to all those located there, while joining the first ones from Norway and France.

Tesla superchargers spain electric cars other manufacturers-interior1
Map of the Supercharger stations open in Spain to non-Tesla electric cars (left) / Map of the 41 Tesla Supercharger stations in Spain (right).

With the opening of the first batch of Superchargers in Spain that of other European countries has also been announced. Specifically, the list of countries with Tesla stations open to electric cars of other brands is as follows:

  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Austria

Tesla is gradually expanding the pilot program studying in each case the impact it has on your network the incorporation of other electric vehicles. It is to be hoped that over time the opening will be extended to the rest of the stations in Europe and that the Californian manufacturer will use the new income to accelerate network expansion.

With the stations currently open it begins to intuit a recharge map distributed throughout Europe. When all European Superchargers are accessible, the Tesla network alone would be enough to get around all of Western Europe.

In Spain, the opening of the 13 stations means a significant change in the topology of the charging network. Added a total of 119 points ultra-fast charging with powers between 150 and 250 kW, though most non-Tesla cars won’t be able to take advantage of it. Another advantage of this network is the good functioning offered by the application through which the load is managed, which indicates in real time the points available at each station.

Tesla superchargers spain electric cars other manufacturers-interior2
Map of Supercharger stations open in Europe to non-Tesla electric cars (left) / Map of the Tesla Supercharger network in Europe (right).

Top-up prices depend on each country. In the case of Spain, it has been set at €0.63/kWh, with a penalty for inactivity (parking time at the point with the vehicle already recharged) of up to one euro per minute. Contracting a subscription of €12.99 per month gives access to a reduced recharge rate of €0.43/kWh that owners of a Tesla electric car pay.

In order to use the Superchargers, apart from having the mobile application and a user with a means of payment registered in itthe only technical requirement that exists is that the vehicle has a fast charging system under the CCS-Combo 2 protocol.

The list of open stations in Spain (in alphabetical order) is as follows:

  1. Albacete – 8 points.
  2. Alcobendas (Madrid) – 12 points.
  3. Almaraz (Cáceres) – 10 points.
  4. Aranda de Duero (Burgos) – 8 points.
  5. Cañavete Watchtower (Cuenca) – 10 points.
  6. Barbastro (Huesca) – 4 points.
  7. Benavente (Zamora) – 8 points.
  8. El Ejido (Almería) – 7 points.
  9. Grenade -10 points.
  10. Sherry – 10 points
  11. La Seu d’Urgell (Lérida) – 10 points.
  12. Rivabellosa (Álava) – 12 points.
  13. Seville – 10 points.

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