Tesla releases the most significant update to date to its FSD Beta system

Just two months after releasing the latest revision of the Full Self Driving package, Tesla is starting to roll out a new version, although only a limited number of drivers will receive it for now. The package of improvements is considerable, in fact it is the largest update made to date. These are the most important changes of the new version FSD Beta v10.12.

What’s New FSD Beta v10.12

  • Improved auto left turns thanks to better object modeling
  • Improved fluidity of visibility using more precise lane geometry and higher resolution occlusion detection
  • Reduced instances of attempted awkward turns
  • Improved planner to be less reliant on lanes and allow smoother maneuvering out of restricted space
  • Improved safety of turns when crossing traffic by improving the neural network architecture
  • Improved memory and geometric accuracy of all lane productions by adding 180,000 video clips
  • Reduction of false slowdowns related to traffic control through better integration with the lane structure and better behavior with respect to yellow lights
  • Improved geometric accuracy of road edge and line predictions
  • Improved geometric accuracy and understanding of visibility by adding 30,000 more video clips
  • Improved motorcycle recognition, reduced speed error from nearby pedestrians and cyclists, and reduced direction error from pedestrians
  • Improved the accuracy of the “is parked” attribute on vehicles by adding 41,000 clips to the training set. Having resolved 48% of the failure cases captured by our 10.11 telemetry
  • Improved detection of long-distance crossing objects
  • Driving behavior when maneuvering around cars with open doors has been improved
  • Improved Angular Velocity and Lane Centered Velocity for Non-VRU Objects by Updating in Network Prediction Tasks
  • Smoother lane changes when following a heavily decelerating vehicle
  • Increased reliability of network predicted acceleration for all moving objects

All the improvements have focused, for the most part, on a increase in the rate of frames per second captured by cameras, including 1.8 more frames per second. The speed increase has been achieved by removing three legacy neural networks. Tesla has also recognized that for the new version 10.12 of the FSD Beta package it has had more than 250,000 images and videos captured by the more than 100,000 users who already have the package.

Once again the deployment will be done gradually and progressively based on the safety score of each driver. As Tesla announced more than a month ago, the latest versions of the FSD Beta package will also arrive in Europe starting this summer. Presumably the rollout will be done in a similar fashion to the US, with drivers counting on all the improvements made over time.

Curiously, the only thing that seems to be missing in this version 10.12 is the improvement in the operating speed margins of the FSD package. Just a few days ago, Elon Musk himself announced an increase in the maximum speed at which the autonomous driving program could operate, reaching 85 miles per hour instead of the current 80. Not having been included in the new version, it is expected that Tesla will include it in a future revision.

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