Tesla releases more Norwegian Superchargers for third-party electric cars

Tesla’s plans regarding the opening of charging points continue at the agreed pace. Those of Austin have proposed to liberalize their recharging stations in Europe. There are still many to open to the rest of the cars, but in Norway the plans are even faster. New Superchargers join the list in the Scandinavian country, making a total of 58 stations fast charging available for cars that are not from Tesla itself.

It must be said that Norway is one of the countries in the world with the highest penetration of electric cars. The rapid expansion of electromobility has caused Norway to be the first country to receive the most important news in this regard. It is the first to receive the visit of new and interesting foreign manufacturers such as NIO or XPeng, and has also been one of the first to enjoy the liberalization of Tesla charging points, which at the end of last year announced that it would open its facilities to any electric car.

The first 15 stations opened earlier this year, with another just a few weeks later. Now, to those first points are now added 42 additional stations to make a total of 58 Superchargers available for non-Tesla cars in Norway. It is estimated that the total amount is more than 500 charging points, which represents 66% of the total of the 88 facilities that Elon Musk’s company has deployed throughout the country.

66% of Tesla Superchargers in Norway are already open to other brands.

Norway is thus following the path taken by the Netherlands, where Tesla made the radical decision months ago to open its entire charging infrastructure to models other than those of Austin. 34% of the charging points deployed in the country that have yet to be added, they will do it soon, although a specific date has not yet been announced since a large part of them require an update due to possible overloads due to peaks in demand. The opening of new facilities is also expected.

As before, to access Tesla’s vast fast-charging network, users simply download the Tesla Supercharging app and sign in with their personal and banking details. Obviously the cost of loading is not free. The cost per kWh ranges between 0.49 and 0.52 cents at a point of 150 kW. The price variation depends on the subscription you have, since Tesla offers charging plans for customers outside the company.

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