Tesla prepares version 10.13 of the FSD Beta with important news and improvements

Tesla’s FSD package has managed to establish itself as one of the best in the world. Although it is not an autonomous driving system, its constant evolution has made it possible to improve response and circulation. The latest update was released just a few weeks ago, but Elon Musk himself has already acknowledged that it is working on a more advanced version that will include important new featuresin addition to solving current problems.

Version 10.12 of the FSD Beta package is already being rolled out to early Tesla drivers. A few days ago we discovered the list of improvements included, such as safer left turns or visibility implementation with more accurate lane geometry programs. As it has been possible to know thanks to multiple user comments, the program is smoother in its circulation, reducing some of the inconveniences detected in the latest version of the program.

However, other problems not only remain, but are increasing. That is the case of spontaneous braking, commonly called phantom braking. Even the NHTSA has requested additional information about it in order to assess the safety of Tesla’s FSD Beta package. Many drivers have complained about the unpredictability of the system, with the car stopping abruptly as an erroneous response to detecting an obstacle.

Musk himself has acknowledged that his engineers are trying to improve the system’s response, as well as the introduction of new features. The semi-autonomous driving program is aided by the camera package and GPS. Combining both elements, the car is able to know where to go and what to expect on the route. That’s a tremendous advantage on mapped roads, but a serious problem on unmapped ones. With version 10.13 it is expected that this inconvenience will partially disappear.

With the next update the Tesla will have a better response on unmapped roads. In them, semi-autonomous driving will depend exclusively on the viewers, although Musk acknowledges that the system will be much better from the next evolution. In turn, version 10.13 will also reduce the inaccuracy of left turns and ghost braking and, of course, new and exciting features will continue to be added.

Specifically in this regard, Musk has spoken out about improving the accuracy of the delivery service. The Tesla are capable of responding to the response of their owners, circulating without a driver heading to a location set by the owner. Sometimes that functionality fails, something the next version of the FSD package Beta will improve, especially when off public roads, in underground car parks or hotel entrances.

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