Tesla plans to launch an 800-volt electrical system on the Semi and Cybertruck

It is clear that the earnings statement for the first quarter of 2022 has revealed many very remarkable news regarding the future of the brand. One of the latest news is that Tesla would be considering launching, for the first time, an 800-volt architecture on its two largest electric vehicles that will arrive in the coming months: Tesla Semi and Tesla Cybertruck.

During said conference of results, the entire board of the company and especially the CEO, Elon Musk, were questioned by many of the guests. During the time that the event lasted, we were able to learn specific details about Tesla’s future “Robotaxi” that will hit the market, presumably, in 2024; as well as the company’s own economic results (cornerstone of the meeting). However, there was other news of notorious news, and that is that the top leadership was asked about the possibility of making the leap towards an electrical architecture of 800 volts.

The market already has several models in which this type of architecture is implemented, such as the Porsche Taycan, the Audi e-tron GT, the KIA EV6 or the IONIQ 5. However, Tesla continues to provide its models with a maximum of 400 volts. To what is due? Well, this is simply due to an economic issue and cost savings, as the different managers present there have pointed out.

In the current model range, especially in the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Yhave ruled out integrating this type of architecture as it would entail a huge economic cost that would be little reflected in a final improvement of the product. Andrew Baglino, senior vice president of energy and powertrain engineering at Tesla, said the incentives they and the customer would receive would be minimal while the cost of sale and production would rise considerably.

However, the aforementioned manager did not avoid the fact that they are aware of what it would mean in the face of a decrease in the charging time of their models, as well as advertising a technology that is so longed for in the electric vehicle sector. In fact, a few days ago we learned that a large number of companies are already seeking to introduce their electric models in this type of architecture, to which the majority will belong from the year 2025. But in Tesla they do not abandon the idea of ​​​​installing the 800 volts in other models such as the Tesla Cybertruck or the Tesla Semilarge vehicles that will require a much higher energy “flow” to quickly recharge their generous batteries.

Elon Musk himself responded jointly with Andrew Baglino to this question, and that is that going from 400 to 800 volts would incur huge costs for the company, mainly in the updating of the charging infrastructure of the vehicles, as well as the incorporation of the entire system in the vehicle itself to make them work with high voltage levels. These costs are only willing to cover them in vehicles where it will really be necessary to carry them out, meanwhile, the most affordable models in the range will continue to feature the 400-volt architecture.

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