Tesla no longer allows Cybertruck to be reserved in Europe, until further notice

Tesla is having to make decisions regarding the production of its future models, beset by supply problems for battery materials and also by production problems they have given the new 4680 cells, which will be mounted on their new electric cars. That is why he is closing the tap on Tesla Cybertruck reservations in the european marketslimiting this possibility only to United States, Canada and Mexico.

Already in the fall of 2021, Tesla decided cut technical information about the characteristics of the Tesla Cybertruck, to avoid future confusion due to the changes that will be made during its development and fine-tuning. Also sale price disappeared and only a preserve could be made by leaving a deposit of 100 euros as a guarantee.

Since the presentation of this electric pick-up to Tesla, reserves have accumulated while the planned production start date has done nothing but delay. Such is the situation that can no longer support any more pre-orderswhich is why the Californian manufacturer has decided remove the vehicle from your offer outside the American continent and in particular in Europe. Despite the fact that the Old Continent is not the place where an electric pick-up is traditionally sold, the truth is that it enjoyed unprecedented success, caused by the media coverage of its manufacturer.

Thus, for example, the Spanish website only offers the possibility of configure Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. When you access the Cybertruck through the side menu, the possibility of reserving it has disappeared and you can only select the option of “stay informed” which gives access to a form in which personal data can be entered so that Tesla can notify when orders are resumed.

Reserve Tesla cybertruck europe-interior
On the US website it is still possible to reserve the Tesla Cybertruck.

When Elon Musk presented the Tesla Cybertruck in 2019 announced that its production would start at the end of 2021. Since then there have been delays due to different causes, including the pandemic, supply chain problems and the rise in prices of raw materials for batteries. The production start date moved to 2022 and this information subsequently disappeared from the booking page.

The latest news has been given by Elon Musk during the inauguration of the new factory in Austin, Texas. Production has now been postponed until an indefinite time in 2023 and its arrival on the market will begin in the United States, as it cannot be otherwise calm and slow. Your battery is probably the root cause of these delays. The 4680 cells that form it have given a lot of work when it comes to developing the production process, which has been slower than expected given the difficulties that these entail. Unlocked this problem, at least apparently, now Tesla has to finish configuring the final production prototype of the Cybertruck and start the production ramp, a highly complex moment in the life of any new vehicle.

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