Tesla lowers the prices of its two chargers, after removing the laptop from the standard equipment

Tesla has reduced the prices of its two home chargers, the portable and the wall charger, after removing the first from the standard equipment of all its electric cars. In the web configurator they now appear two new equipment options (for now not implemented in Spain) that allow you to select if you want to include one or the two proposed chargers.

The decision made last week by Tesla has sparked controversy among users and buyers since This is the first time that a manufacturer decides to dispense with an element that until now no one doubted is necessary in an electric car. Tesla has resorted to its statistics to justify this decision, alluding to the fact that its use was very limited.

This information has been questioned from different media since some data show that its use is quite frequent. teslascope collects data about Tesla vehicles to provide owners with services not directly provided by the manufacturer. You have access to this information from vehicles all over the world. Based on hundreds of thousands of charging sessions this company claims that 61% of charging sessions of the Tesla vehicle fleet worldwide is made with this connector.

Whatever the actual situation, Tesla does not seem ready to back down on its decision, but it does seem to be making some measures to reduce it. As Elon Musk announced, the manufacturer has proceeded to reduce the price of this option so that now, in the United States, it can be purchased. for 200 dollarsalthough the order sheet itself indicates that it will not be available until August-October 2022.

Tesla downgrades rugged home-indoor chargers1
The option appears for now in the Tesla web configurator in the United States.

In addition, Tesla also offers as an extra the wall charger for a price of 400 dollars, which makes it one of the cheapest on the market considering the specifications and utilities it offers. Any 48-amp home charger with Wi-Fi connectivity would be well over $600.

Tesla downgrades rugged home-indoor chargers2
On the Spanish website, the wall charger still appears at a price of 549 euros.

For now, in the Spanish version of the Tesla configurator the option that is on the American website does not yet appear. Currently, in Spain, the wall charger can be purchased through the “Load” option of the webwhere the indicated price is €549.

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