Tesla, full sail!

The American electric car manufacturer Tesla almost doubled its net profits in the second quarter of the year, with 2,259 million dollars (2,236 million euros at current exchange rates), a 98% year-on-year increase, according to data published by the company, which expects to continue increasing its worldwide registrations.

Tesla stated that its business was benefited in the period by higher vehicle registrations and by the increase in the sale price of vehicles, factors that offset other negative aspects such as the costs in the Shanghai plant derived from the confinements in China, the rise in the price of raw materials or the weakness of bitcoin.

Between April and June, the automobile multinational posted a total turnover of 16,934 million dollars (16,766 million euros), 42% more. Of this total, the Automotive division generated 14,602 million dollars (14,457 million euros), a 43% increase.

The company directed and founded by Elon Musk ended the second quarter of the current year with an adjusted gross operating profit (Ebitda) of 3,791 million dollars (3,753 million euros), which represents an increase of 52%.

In the quarterly calculation, the company registered 254,695 vehicles worldwide, which represents a progression of 27%, while its global production figure improved by 25% in the period, to 258,580 units.

Tesla estimates to improve its production capacity “as soon as possible”, with a forecast of increasing its global sales by an average of 50% over a horizon of several years. In addition, the firm claims to have sufficient liquidity to face the industrial expansion plan.

Regarding the launch of new models, the American company highlighted that it is making progress in the industrialization of the new Cybertruck, which will be manufactured at the factory in Austin (United States), after the introduction of the Model Y.

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