Tesla finalizes the design of the Cybertruck, the electric pick-up is already final

It was presented in 2019 with the intention of going into production in 2021, however, the history of the development of the Tesla Cybertruck has been full of ups and downs, mainly due to its characteristic design, which has convinced some more than others. However, as Elon Musk himself has confirmed, the design of the electric pick-up Tesla could finally have completed its stage of developmentthus closing a completely complicated section for the Californian company.

The path of the Tesla Cybertruck since its presentation in 2019 has been filled with many rumors about its possible cancellation, although Tesla has always been determined that its commercial launch would come true. During his presentation, Elon Musk said that it would hit the market in 2021; subsequently, the project was delayed and its arrival was estimated in 2022, although it was not specified at what time of the year it would be; finally, from the Tesla directive they estimate to finish the total development of the car at the end of 2022 and an entry into production at the beginning of 2023. This is the current roadmap that the electric pick-up has and which seemed to finally take effect.

On several occasions, completed and fully operational units of the Cybertruck have been seen hanging around the vicinity of the Austin factory, mainly, the place where its large-scale manufacturing will foreseeably take place. At all times, the models spotted being tested presented a design that was practically identical to the first prototype shown by Musk three years ago, except for the inclusion of some elements, such as the rear-view mirrors or windshield wipers. Said design is the one that has given the brand the most problems on its way to develop its electric car, although in the last few hours it has been officially published that it would have already concluded and her aesthetic “is finally locked down”as specified by the CEO of the company.

Gigapress tesla cybertruck electric pick-up-cover
Tesla cybertruck at the Texas Gigafactory.

This intervention by Elon Musk has come from an interview conducted by the Silicon Valley Tesla Owners Club, where the CEO confirmed that the next step will be to start production of the Cybertruck now that design is “finally locked down”. As he stated, the long delays were particularly due to “getting too carried away with design updates”. Additionally, entering the more technical section, Musk stated that they had also been working hard on this, since they also added the steering rear axleJust like General Motors did with the Hummer EV.

However, the CEO of Tesla concluded his speech in this regard by accepting that they would also not have been able to carry out mass production of the Tesla Cybertruck, regardless of the tweaks in its design, until after a few years due to the shortage of chips that we have experienced. until a few months ago. Elon Musk updated the electric pick-up roadmap assuming that the model will not go into production until “mid-2023”thus increasing again the wait for those interested in acquiring the model.

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