Tesla extends its insurance policy with real-time data collection

Knowing even the smallest detail of the use that your client gives to the vehicle allows insurance companies to customize the price of the policy and the coverage included in it. This dream of numbers is already possible in the insurance company of Tesla. Tesla Insurance expands the scope of its policy, which will base its entire strategy on analyzing duct datar thanks to the app and remote data collection by the car. Good idea or total interference in the life of the insured?

When signing an insurance policy with any company, they ask us several questions to determine what use and what protection we provide to our car. Driver’s age, habitual use, number of drivers, kilometers per year, where the car is parked, accident history… Questions like these help insurance companies adjust the price, up or down., of each of its policies. But if they could get access to more personal data, more could adjust contracts.

Tesla’s insurance division is not new. The company has been running for some time, although it is only deployed in a few states such as California, Texas, Ohio, Arizona or Nevada, among others. Precisely in Nevada it is the last to implement the new insurance policy based on driving data in real timethus bringing to eight the states that already allow this type of contract, the most advanced and personalized by the company that is gaining more and more weight in the Austin offices.

For years, Tesla has had a particular safety classification system for its drivers. Given the high connectivity of each car, the company knows perfectly well how safe the user’s driving is, assessing said driving on a scale between 0 and 100, where 100 is the highest possible score. This same program is the one that serves as a guide for the deployment of the constant security updates of the autonomous driving package. The higher your security score, the sooner you will receive the precious news.

Tesla range.
Tesla range.

Tesla Insurance ensures that thanks to this new data collection, average drivers will be able to save between 20 and 40% on their insurance policy. In the case of drivers with better safety ratings, the savings can be between 30 and 60%. With a safety score of 90, the approximate cost of the policy would be 121 dollars, while if we are more cautious in our driving, the price could drop to 83 dollars a month with a score of 98.

Tesla expects to be able to expand this format, as well as the entire Tesla Insurance network, in the coming months. reaching more states and more drivers. Once it is established throughout the United States, the possibility of exporting it abroad will be considered, where he hopes it will be so well received.

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