Tesla delays deliveries of the European Model Y due to a possible problem with the electric motors

At the moment the factories of Berlin and Austin focus all the attentions of Tesla. The last two centers inaugurated are having more problems than expected in picking up pace. A few days ago the German plant celebrated in style the milestone of manufacturing 1,000 units a week. A round figure that now seems to be clouded by possible delays in the deliveries of the Tesla Model Y when detecting a problem in its engines. This is at least reported by various user forums that have been notified by the brand.

Setting up a factory from scratch, a Gigafactory in this case, is neither easy nor cheap. Tesla has played it by opening two large centers in a short time. Until these plants are able to work at a high operating rate, Americans will be losing money.. Tesla, and every other manufacturer, needs to get its centers up and running properly to make a return on investment as soon as possible, but right now this doesn’t seem to be happening in either Austin or Berlin.

The company’s headquarters is seeing how the new 4680 cells are causing a production bottleneck. Deliveries are not able to keep up with demand, and therefore the lines are not able to operate at the expected pace. Things seemed to be going a bit better at the German plant. Despite increasing the pace of manufacturing, new problems have arisen just around the corner. On this occasion, Tesla seems to be delaying the deliveries of the models manufactured at the Brandenburg Gigafactory due to possible engine failures.

Tesla Model Y production line

As some clients report in forums, several users have seen the delivery times of their brand new Tesla Model Y delayed. Some of the customers who expected to receive their models in weeks have been informed that it will take a little longer to receive your cars. The same with those who had estimated dates in the coming months. In that case the delivery schedule has been moved to the end of this year. All of them have been duly informed, detailing problems with the electric motors.

The only units affected appear to be those of the Tesla Model Y Performance, although some customers of the Long Range version have also reported delays in the delivery of their vehicle.. Although the German plant has assembly capacity, part of the components come from China, from the Shanghai Gigafactory. The plans state that the German plant will be able to supply engines and everything needed for assembly, but until that moment arrives, the Chinese factory supplies multiple components such as engines.

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