Tesla confirms a new factory in China that will produce 450,000 electric cars a year

Tesla already confirmed at the end of last February its intention to build a new Gigafactory next to the current one located in Shanghai. Now, through a letter issued by the Californian company to the local Chinese authorities, which has been published by Reuters, has revealed certain information with which Tesla hopes to continue being a benchmark in the world of car manufacturing. electric cars about the Chinese country.

Last year, Tesla’s Chinese factory broke numerous records and exceeded all forecasts for its production rates on multiple occasions. Elon Musk himself spoke on several occasions emphasizing his high level of surprise and enthusiasm for Giga Shanghai, which It came to capitalize practically half of electric car deliveries made by Tesla around the world last year. With this, the Chinese plant earned the affection and respect of the entire senior staff of the electric vehicle manufacturer, so it did not surprise anyone that Tesla admitted that he would build a second plant adjacent to it.

In the aforementioned letter, Tesla thanked the local government for its collaboration in continuing the manufacturing work on Giga Shanghai as a result of the high restrictions that are taking place in China and that have caused the factory to cease production for a few days. The Shanghai Lingang Special Area authority was kind enough to carry out the transport of more than 6,000 workers to their workplace thus creating a “closed circuit”; Additionally, it also carried out factory disinfection tasks.

The Tesla Model Y will continue to be manufactured at the new Shanghai plant
The Tesla Model Y will continue to be manufactured at the new Shanghai plant.

Precisely because of these facilities provided by the local government to Tesla, the electric car company sent the aforementioned letter thanking the support, but also talking about the future plans that will be carried out on the new factory that will be located very close to the current one.

The text emphasized that the new factory will produce the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, with an estimated annual capacity of around 450,000 electric vehicles, which would de facto make Shanghai “the largest electric vehicle export center in the world”. This was stated by Tesla literally and explicitly in his redacted text sent to local authorities.

This mentioned annual production capacity would lead to Shanghai to produce around one million Tesla electric cars per year. However, this is a capacity that was also estimated for the original Shanghai factory, which surprised locals and foreigners alike by increasing its capacity and reaching unimaginable levels. In the event that each of its factories marks a production of 500,000 vehicles, with the sum of all of them it would reach around 1.5 and 2.5 million cars per year, something that would once again confirm the reign of the company on the ground of electric vehicles worldwide.

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