Tesla climbs 35 spots on Fortune 500 list on high 2021 earnings

Last 2021 was an especially good year for the North American electric car company, as it came closer to its goal of delivering 1 million ‘zero emission’ vehicles during that period. This meant a total income of just over 50,000 million dollars, so the company shot up significantly in the lists of the richest firms on the planet. One of them was the well-known fortune 500in which Tesla rose a total of 35 positions, thus placing itself at number 65 of those who earned the most money during that year.

Tesla It has been one of the few companies that has been increasing its position on an annual basis. Last year 2021 (with respect to what was generated in 2020) the brand was ranked number 100, a place it abandoned a few weeks ago when the results obtained during the past year were publicly released, in which increased their income by 70.7% compared to what was stipulated in the previous period.

Elon Musk’s company entered this ranking for the first time in 2016, since then it has been climbing positions. Initially his position stood at number 384; in 2017 it grew to 260; in 2018 at number 144, then increased to number 122 and later reached number 100 in 2021. Now the firm holds number 65 with a view to continuing to increase its potential for the coming years. Other automobile companies are also on this list, such as Ford, which occupies the 22nd position or General Motors, which does the same at 25.

One of the culprits for this increase was the arrival of the Tesla Model Y
One of the culprits for this increase was the arrival of the Tesla Model Y

In 2021, Tesla made a gross income of 53.8 billion dollarsin part, thanks to the new model that it incorporated into its range internationally, the Tesla Model Y, and to a significant expansion to the European and Chinese market. During that year the brand delivered a total of 936,000 electric cars, which represented an increase of 87% on its previous figures and has placed Tesla at the top of the global automotive industry for electric cars. Its market share percentage was 14%.

The net profits obtained in 2021 (more than 5,500 million dollars) pointed to an increase of 665.5% compared to what was achieved in 2020. These figures and percentages could be far behind if in 2022 they meet the objectives set by the company , to which everything indicates that it will be so. During the past first quarter of this year, Tesla has already registered and delivered more than 300,000 cars to their owners, so even before the end of the year the brand could cross the million vehicle barrier. This will mean a new jump in the list of Fortune 500 for the next year.

Let us remember that this aforementioned number of registrations and deliveries was carried out after the Shanghai factory was closed due to an outbreak of COVID-19, so the figures for the second quarter could be even higher than those generated during the first three months. of the year. This 2022, Tesla will focus on ensuring its range of models with stable production figures, while the arrival of new models such as the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck or the Tesla Semi electric truck is already expected for next year.

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