Tesla announces its earnings in the first quarter of 2022: 18,756 million dollars in revenue

Tesla has not been able to start the course of 2022 better. Although the markets are reeling due to the lack of components and the increase in energy prices, those of Austin sign, once again, their best quarter in history. From January to March Tesla has exceeded all expectations that weighed on it, registering revenues of 18,756 million dollars. An absolutely insane number that has triggered the share price.

The best analysts in the industry expected a good quarter for Tesla, but their estimates have fallen short. The course has started excellently for the signing of Elon Musk. After the opening of two new Gigafactories; Berlin and Austin, financial books are shown in green. Never before has Tesla made so much money or produced so many cars, with the Shanghai plant being the most productive factory of all.

Earlier this month we learned that Tesla has managed to manufacture a total of 310,000 units worldwide. The best productive quarter in its history shows that more than 95% of manufacturing is focused on models of access to the family; the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, with a total of 291,189 units. If we look at the deliveries column, the data is even better, having registered a total of 310,048 units, 295,324 corresponding to the Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

Tesla Model Y.
Tesla Model Y.

Although it seemed impossible, given the state of the markets, Tesla has managed to beat all possible estimates. With revenue of 18,756 million dollars and a total gross profit of 5,460 million dollars, Tesla shares have grown 4% just after investors have received the excellent news. If it continues like this for the rest of the year, Tesla will not only widely exceed the barrier of one million units produced, but it will close the course with the best profits ever recorded.

However, such a titanic goal is not going to be easy to achieve. During this month, Tesla has been forced to close its main Gigafactory, Shanghai, for many days due to the harsh mandatory confinements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To this we must add a gradual increase in the price of cars given the rise in materials such as nickel. Faced with these drawbacks, and others to come, Elon Musk and Tesla will have to make 2022 the best year in the company’s history.

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