Tesla already has the largest public fast-charging network in Europe

The liberalization of charging points by Tesla has made the American company in the largest provider of public charge of 150 kW in Europe. Just a few days ago, with the opening of charging points for non-Tesla cars in Spain, Austria, Belgium, Sweden and the United Kingdom, it has left behind other competitors as important as Ionity. The strategy continues to expand the open network, although the deployment will be done gradually as demand increases.

For many years Tesla has been criticized for its particular charging network. For years, Tesla cars could charge anywhere in the world, but only Teslas could charge at the company’s facilities. Despite this exclusivity, We must bear in mind that those from Austin were the first to implement electric mobility, long before the current competition and commercial offer. In his day, either Tesla installed the charging points or his cars had nowhere to charge.

Little by little, Elon Musk’s company expanded its Superchargers map, reaching more countries, routes, and cities. The most direct rivals such as Ionity have taken many years to join the bandwagon, although when they have, it has been with force. Faced with so much rivalry, Tesla decided at the end of last year to start freeing up facilities so that other manufacturers and models could recharge at its famous points. An operation that was relatively simple since the important thing, the infrastructure, was already operational.

Tesla superchargers.

The Netherlands was the first country in Europe to enjoy the opening of charging points, just 10 stations that became the guinea pig for later expansion. After harvesting good data, in January all points in the country were opened to the rest of the brands, also adding punctual stations in Norway and France. Finally, as we told you a few days ago, Spain and other countries have been the last to join this particular party, although for the moment only in a certain number of facilities.

Jeroen van Tilburg, the person in charge of the Superchargers network in the EMEA region, has highlighted that thanks to the opening of the network, Tesla has become the largest public recharging network in Europe with points of more than 150 kW. Although there are no official numbers, van Tilburg believes they have overtaken Ionity. Although Ionity’s infrastructure currently has 417 installations throughout Europe, its average number of points per center is 4.1, while Tesla, with approximately 200 charging centers, has an average of nine points.

Once past this turning point, Tesla will continue to widen its gap with other competitors. At the moment it is too early to liberalize all points in all countries, but following the trend started in the Netherlands, it will surely not take long to see the opening of all the points to cars that are not of the American brand. A joy and a benefit both for the user and for the institutions, which once again they see as private companies are the ones that allow the transition to the electric car to be made easier.

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