Tesla already has a total of 800 Superchargers spread throughout Europe

Just before the start of the summer holiday season, Tesla announces the opening of its latest Supercharger. With this, Tesla reaches a total figure of 800 locations spread across Europea, which gives rise to almost 9,000 charging points among the 30 countries in which the Tesla infrastructure is present.

The last of all the Superchargers that Tesla has inaugurated, more specifically, has been the one that the firm has enabled in the French city of Avignon. It is a key strategic location, like almost all Tesla charging points located on highways and motorways, since it is located next to the highway of this city and is ideal for dealing more reliably with the last leg of the trip from the interior from France to Marseille and the Côte d’Azur.

In addition, it is one of the largest Superchargers that Tesla has enabled in Europe, since it offers a total of 28 charging points. Currently the crown is held by the Supercharger of Nebbenes, in Sweden, which with 44 Superchargers is the largest that the brand has so far in Europe.

Tesla_Supercharger_Avignon_June 2022
Tesla Supercharger in Avignon, France.

In addition to this milestone, the firm has also announced that at the beginning of this month the first Supercharger of latvia.

Of the 800 Superchargers that Tesla already has in operation throughout the continent, more than 250 locations and 3,600 chargers already work for electric cars of other brands in 13 different countries, which, according to the brand itself, makes it the operator of charging points for more than 150 kW of largest power in all of Europe. However, Tesla continues to define this service for users of electric cars of other brands as a pilot test, although this will not prevent it from adding other locations to the program in the coming years.

There are also news regarding charging points for Tesla distributed by Spain. In the last two months, the brand has been able to put four new Superchargers into operation. These have found a place in the vicinity of Fuenlabrada, Algeciras, Cambrils and Pamplona. With this, there are already 46 fast charging stations that Tesla has spread throughout Spain, which gives rise to a total of 350 charging points between all the stations.

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