Study shows European drivers are ready for electric cars

Every year Shell Recharge Solutions surveys thousands of electric car drivers in Europe with the intention of studying the changes in user behavior and the way in which the new mobility paradigm is perceived. This year almost 15,000 drivers have been asked, and very interesting data has emerged from this macro-survey that deserves to be commented on. Take this as an example: Almost half of the respondents (47%) consider that it is necessary to reduce costs as one of the compelling reasons to achieve the effective implementation of the electric car.

Almost half of those surveyed consider that the electric car and everything related to electric mobility is too expensive for the general public to adopt a new transport format, 10% more than a year ago. In the last 12 months the cost of products, raw materials and energy have skyrocketed. Many buyers are still waiting for a cheaper electric vehicle that has not yet arrived. The European conflicts and the world crisis of components are affecting the market, but there are positive data.

In 2021, 62% of those surveyed thought of making the leap to electric mobility when buying their next car. A figure that has grown to 76% in 2022. At this point we must bear in mind that combustion cars have also made prices more expensive, and that the cost of fuel goes up and up without a near horizon. Faced with these problems, more and more drivers, almost 8 out of 10, consider making the leap to electric mobility. By contrast, the desire to have plug-in hybrids has been reduced, from 21 to 10%, and of normal hybrids, from 4 to 2%.

65% of drivers are determined to make changes in their usage habits to switch to the electric car

When asked about the reasons for making the leap to sustainable mobility, drivers point out that electric cars are better in all sections. Interestingly, the aesthetic point of view stands out. Most drivers consider electric cars to be more elegant and attractive than thermal carsbut above all they highlight the sustainability of their vehicles as the best and main argument for change.

In terms of brands, Tesla is once again the most popular firm among all respondents. Behind her are changes in the positions, highlighting the impressive rise of Korean brands. Volkswagen manages to climb from third to second place, while Hyundai settles comfortably into third place after moving up from sixth place the previous year. Opel, BMW, KIA, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan and Skoda close the Top 10.

In the escalation of energy prices and operating costs, 68% of drivers have been very concerned about it. They consider that the current situation is not good and, what is worse, that it may get worse in the coming months. Despite this, the data makes it very clear that the electric car continues to gain positions in purchase intention. Many drivers in Europe want to make the leap to electric mobility, anticipating the deadlines set by the European Union for the year 2035. Now all that is left is for the situation to benefit from this transition.

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