STRØM Citybike 2.0: the stylish urban electric bike improves while maintaining an attractive price

STRØM Bikes is once again launching a micro-financing campaign through Indiegogo to launch the sale of a new urban electric bicycle. It is called STRØM Citybike 2.0, and as its name indicates, it is the update of the first model.

Following the first version, which we campaigned about a year and a half ago, STRØM Bikes claims to have updated the design to be slimmer, with higher build quality and more features than ever before. The project has finally seen the light of day after 5 years of development.

Like the first iteration, the STRØM Citybike 2.0 is still an electric bike with an urban cut, designed to efficiently carry out daily trips, such as the way to and from work. It is, therefore, a type bicycle commuter.

The electrical scheme that takes place in the STRØM Citybike 2.0 has as its protagonist a battery made up of cells from the specialist LG that in total has a capacity of 375Wh, which although it is not one of the largest on the market, is sufficient to fulfill its function while not increasing the total weight of the set too much. The brand promises an average autonomy of 60 kilometers with a full charge.

STROM Citybike.
STROM Citybike.

As an option, STROM Bikes offers the “GO Further” package to increase the battery capacity up to 504Wh and thereby achieve a range of up to 80 kilometers with a full charge of it.

There will be two versions of the electric motor, which is housed in the rear wheel hub. Although it can develop a nominal power of 400 W, the units that reach the European market will see their power cut in the 250Wwith the pedal assistance cutting out at the usual 25 kilometers per hour top speed.

The transmission remains in the hands of a 7-speed City M 2.0 system manufactured by Shimano, while the brake team is responsible for Tektro, who provides the Citybike 2.0 with an Aquila mechanical system with 220-millimeter diameter discs.

There will be two different options in terms of frame, one of them without the upper tube (type step-through), and the same in relation to colors. Given the improvements over its predecessor, the STRØM Citybike 2.0 will also slightly increase in price. Depending on the version, those responsible announce it in indiegogo a price that starts at 1,045 euros for the European version.

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