Stellantis will manufacture small electric cars of various brands in Serbia

The Stellantis Group has many ambitious electrification plans for its brands. FIAT will receive an important collection of electric cars. The successful sales of the FIAT 500e have encouraged the arrival of small and affordable models. The FIAT 500L has long since said goodbye to us, but a replacement is on the way. It will be an electric model and its manufacture, as confirmed by the CEO of the company, will be carried out at the plant in Serbia.

The plans of Stellantis and FIAT delay the launch until next 2024. It will be then when this electric model, similar in size to the 500L, goes into production. An urban minivan that had its moment, but said goodbye with more pain than glory. The Stellantis Group has invested a total of 190 million euros in upgrading the Kragujevac plant in Serbia. An investment that will not only focus on the replacement of the 500L, but also on future models that will be produced.

At the moment nothing is known about the name that is planned to be used for the new electric model. As for your platform, Carlos Tavares himself has commented that “it would fit perfectly” with the structure for the cars of segments A, B and C: “This new platform for electric vehicles will fit perfectly with the products of categories A, B and C, and will improve the efficient and clean solutions for urban mobility of our brands”. We emphasize the brand name, in the plural.

Stellantis Battery Assembly Factory.

That platform in question is the STLA Small architecture, which will replace the current eCMP that small vehicles such as the Opel Mokka-e or the Peugeot e-208 are using. It will be used by models from various firms such as Citroën, DS, FIAT, Lancia, Opel and Peugeot.. Although everyone expected that this architecture would begin to be used in 2026, the latest information suggests that it will be before that date, as announced during the media presentation, the electric model will begin production in 2024.

This is one more step in the ambitious strategy that the Stellantis Group has for the coming years. The Kragujevac plant will be an important center within the industrial fabric. As for the second model to be manufactured at the facility, everything indicates that it will be the electric replacement for the Panda that will be able to carry out its production in Serbia. An urban model based on the advanced design of the Concept Centoventi.

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