Stellantis highlights the boost in sales of electrified cars in Europe

Just a few hours ago we learned in detail the sales figures for the month of April 2022, figures that are not entirely flattering for the automotive market in general. However, from the board of directors of Stellantis they put their positive seal and talk about the important advance that the sales of the electric cars and electrified in Europe.

As we learned from the data provided by ANFAC, the month of April saw a total of 1,925 electric cars registered in Spain, which represented an increase of 33.2% over the same period of the previous year. This amount speaks very well of a car market that, in general, has been experiencing many ups and downs in recent years. In the ranking of the best-selling electric cars, as well as in the list of the most sought-after brands, we can see models and firms that are protected under the Stellantis umbrella.

In fact, in Spain during the month of April, the best-selling electric car was the Citroën ë-C4with a total of 215 registered units, while in the general computation so far this year, both the same citroenWhat Fiat either peugeot They sneak into the Top 10 companies with best-selling electric cars. Despite the many complaints by the CEO of Stellantis, Carlos Tavares, about the electrification of the fleet, it is clear that they are models that little by little are giving joy to the automobile group.

The electric FIAT 500 is the third best-selling _zero-emission_ model in Europe in 2022
The electric FIAT 500 is the third best-selling ‘zero emissions’ model in Europe in 2022

In just over a year after his birth (the union between PSA and FCA) from Stellantis they affirm that they have managed to accelerate the momentum of electrified vehicles in Europe. The board of directors of the business group assures that the automobile situation that occurs in the region of the old continent is completely “challenging”, since the first quarter was a blow to the sector, as it decreased its general sales by 12.3 %.

Stellantis, in particular, has stood out throughout Europe for its good figures in terms of registration of electric light commercial vehicles, where it has a total share of 44.5%. This segment has a majority value in countries such as Italy (35.7%), France (30.3%), Spain (21.8%) and Poland (14.9%). Additionally, they also say that their sales in the passenger car sector have made positive progress so far this year, as specific models such as the electric Fiat 500 won third place on the podium of best-selling electric cars in Europe, as well as the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid, who also gets the same place for the models belonging to the plug-in hybrid segment.

At the end of last February, the company announced its plans to electrify its model range for the current year 2022 and the next 2023. In this roadmap we could see how the car group expects to launch 20 new electrified models, dividing into 13 electric and 7 plug-in hybrids. Stellantis’ plans for Europe are clear: to achieve the complete electrification of its range before the year 2030. In order to achieve such a plan, last year they presented their investment project of 30,000 million euros for the first half of this decade in favor of the development of electrification and vehicle software.

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