Start of production of the first units of the electric Microlino that are delivered in summer

After showing in May the interior of the factory in Turin, Italy, where Micro Mobility AG was already manufacturing the pre-series units of the Microlino, it is officially announced that the first series units already have entered production. It is an exclusive and numbered series made up of 999 units with special finishes and colors and with a high level of equipment, despite the fact that technically, this electric car is actually a quad for legal purposes.

Six years after its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, a plagiarism lawsuit, a complete redesign and an automobile industry shaken by confusion and supply shortages, the Microlino 2.0 is already manufactured in Turin. According to the company responsible for the car, Micro Mobility AG, the first units will be delivered in Switzerland to end of this summer.

The manufacturer has claimed for itself this start of production as a milestone in its history. Despite the problems facing the industry in general and despite the fact that 90% of the Microlino’s components come from Europe, Micro Mobility says that “now even basic parts like simple connectors for the wiring harness are have become scarce and have delivery times of up to 50 weeks”.

microlino electric quadricycle production pioneer edition-interior2
Initially, the assembly lines will run at a rate of 1,500 units per year, although Micro Mobility AG’s goal is to reach 10,000 units per year.

Is about 999 exclusive and individually numbered units that will be distinguished on the exterior by their unique colors: Atlantis Blue with white wheels (pictured) or Torino Aluminum Matte with black wheels. While the advertised price for the base model of the Microlino is €14,990these premium units will be priced at €20,990.

Its mechanical configuration is formed by an electric motor of 12.5 kW (17 hp), with a peak power of 18.6 kW (25 hp), common to the entire range and a medium-sized battery, 10.5 kWhwhich homologates 177 kilometers of autonomy. Being a special edition it comes packed with options like front and rear infinity light bars, sunroof, heated front and rear windows, and additional storage spaces. Inside, the upholstery is vegan leather with cross stitching. In addition, in its cargo area it hides a pleasant surprise: an integrated Micro scooter.

microlino electric quadricycle production pioneer edition-interior1
The Microlino Pioneer Edition will be distinguished on the exterior by its unique colors: Atlantis Blue with white wheels (pictured) or Torino Aluminum Matte with black wheels.

As indicated by 4, below the Pioneer special edition there will be three other finishes (although only two were announced. The Competition it has a price of €18,590 for battery case 10.5 kWh and 177 km of autonomy. There is also the option to choose the battery of 14 kWh that increases autonomy up to 230 kilometers.

The next finish Sweetwill have a price of €16,390 for the battery version of 6 kWh of capacity and 91 km of autonomy. It can also be configured with a 10.5 kWh battery and 177 km of autonomy or with a 14 kWh battery and 230 km of autonomy.

Lastly, the base model, Urbancan be purchased for €14,990 (6 kWh of battery capacity and 91 km of autonomy). These are somewhat higher prices than those announced a month ago, when it was said that the base model could be purchased for 12,500 euros. However, even in the case of a quad, its prices are still below what you have to pay for any of the urban electric cars currently on the market, such as the Volkswagen e-up! Its habitat, the city, does not require high performance, which means that it can meet the needs of daily commuting without any problem. Its maximum speed is 90km/h and acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h is achieved in 4.9 seconds. Battery recharge times to 80% are four for the smaller units and three hours for the larger unit when connected to a standard 220V household outlet.

microlino electric quadricycle production pioneer edition-interior3
In the Microlino configurator, below the Pioneer special edition there will be three other finishes: Competizione, Dolce and Urban.

To begin with, assembly lines will run at a rate of 1,500 units per year. Micro Mobility AG sets itself a production goal of 10,000 units per year. The Turin plant will be able to produce a car every 20 minutes, which implies the need for two shifts, five days a week to reach the goal. Considering that the company announces 30,000 confirmed reservations, it is possible that it will need a third shift to satisfy this demand as soon as possible. According to co-founder Oliver Ouboter: “The demand we see is huge and we are considering increasing our capacity even further in the future. For this year we will focus on quality and not quantity.”

Through the configurator, only buyers from Switzerland can reserve a model with a deposit of CHF 500. From the rest of the European countries it is possible to configure a vehicle and pre-book it without making a deposit. Once deliveries outside of Switzerland are extended, you will have the option to make a down payment to confirm your pre-booking. The next markets to open are expected to be Germany and Italy. The rest of the European Union will join in 2023.

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