Specialized creates Globe, the brand of urban electric bicycles to replace cars

specialized is one of the largest and most well-known bicycle manufacturers in the world, especially for offering a product of high quality dedicated to sport and leisure. Although in its catalog there are urban, road, gravel and mountain bikes, until now it had not entered the market for practical electric bikes, those that can offer something more than the transportation of a person from one place to another. That will be the mission of Globe, a new business unit that will offer electric utility cargo bikes and accessories therefor.

The image that Specialized has chosen to show the intention of this new brand implies that it will be about electric bicycles that intend to be useful to their owners, so much so that they will make them forget about the car to move daily in them. The American brand has been selling electric bicycles for a full decade, based on a very high quality product, such as its light and elegant road bikes or its mountain bikes, the fastest and most powerful on the market. Nevertheless, few can be called affordable.

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL Evo
Specialized has been selling high-quality electric bikes for a full decade.

It is not known to what extent Globe electric bikes will be able to qualify as affordable for the average rider. Specialized emphasizes above all the characteristic of the “accessibility” which can be applied to both price and availability. “Globe will harness the power of the Specialized ecosystem to offer everyday users the broadest national network of sales and service opportunities,” it explains in its statement. “It will provide an increasing number of high-performance electric vehicles for every day and the accompanying accessories.

In that same statement, Specialized also specifically mentions its commitment to “the lifetime value of its e-bikes and their affordability.” But no mention is no description nor the specifications of the first of this first model that appears in the image, leaving those details for later this year, when pre-orders open.

Precisely, in the only image that Specialized offers, a prototype appears that shows a platform with an apparently very resistant frame, equipped with an electric motor in the rear wheel hub, a multi-pinion gearbox and hydraulic disc brakes. Four large plastic panniers they hang from the frame to give an idea of ​​the transport capacity that it will be able to offer. Specialized talks about moving “you, your family and your things”, which shows the segment of electric bicycles that aspires to conquer Globe.

The company has previously used mid drive motors, located in the bottom bracket hub, to provide a high-end electric drivetrain that also comes at a price increase. Hub motors allow us to offer more affordable electric bikes without compromising many of the other higher quality components expected behind the Specialized brand.

The image may not be the luckiest to guess the design of the electric bicycle that Specialized is presenting, since almost everything or that is seen are cacti that effectively hide the most important parts of the bicycle. But it’s easy to imagine that these containers can carry tools, food, books, school supplies, sports equipment or any other large and heavy daily load that often requires a car. The manufacturer also announces other accessories such as a rear luggage rack or a carrier with seats to take the children to school or nursery.

Specialized Kenevo SL S-Works
Specialized Kenevo SL, one of the fastest and most powerful electric mountain bikes on the market.

Ultimately, Specialized hopes that Globe’s product lineup, coupled with external factors such as high gas prices and the desire to move nimbly around town while avoiding traffic, encourage more people to choose electric bikes for their daily commute.

Globe products will initially be available in the United States with first deliveries expected in early 2023. Those who are interested in receiving information on the evolution of the new brand can do so. through your website.

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