Spain will be the next country where Renault manufactures its electric cars

Everything indicates that Renault will separate its activities around internal combustion engine cars from those related to electric electric cars through a new division. A split in which predictably, and as Luca de Meo himself has confirmed, Spain will have special weight as it is the country on which the second phase of the product will be based, since Renault will bet on Spanish factories to produce its electric cars.

It was during the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Catalonia where the head of the French consortium confirmed that Spain will be the second country in which Renault will manufacture electric cars, only after France.

De Meo explained that until 2030 all the consortium’s plans have been finalized in terms of model production. Until 2035, however, he still does not see the direction entirely clear. “We will ask ourselves what to do. If there are opportunities and it suits us to locate platforms and electric cars, we are going to do it and Spain It will be the second country where we are going to do it as we have always done”.

Electric Renault Megane.

In this sense, and if one attends to Renault’s strategy regarding the distribution of models between factories, the electric cars of the French group have begun to be produced first in their country of origin, while Spain has been postulated as the second most important by locating hybrid cars in the Renault factories in Spain, thus establishing the hub electricity in France and the hub hybrid in Spain.

Beyond this, the Renault factory in Seville is also responsible for the production of the transmission of the electric Renault Mégane and those of its hybrid cars, as well as executing the consortium’s ReFactory plan.

“The first thing we fixed when I arrived at Renault was the issue of Spain and nobody recognizes this. Everyone talking about the electric car and where do you put a battery factory, but I have put five models that are going to be sold, not theoreticalmodels that provide margin, a hybrid gearbox and the Seville ReFactory”.

New hybrid Renault Austral.
New hybrid Renault Austral.

Among the most important models for Renault in these coming bars, the newcomer Renault Austral promises to be one of the most important commercially. This is a model that will be manufactured in the Spanish factory of Renault in Palencia. Comment from Meo “When you talk about profitability, this is the segment where the most money is made.”in reference to the Austral and the profit margins that a model like this SUV leaves behind.

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