Some Tesla Model X customers have been waiting for their car for 19 months, and what remains

Patience has a limit, and many drivers are testing the limits of their patience when it comes to taking delivery of their new car. For many buyers of the Tesla Model X the wait is getting longer than expected, some have accumulated more than eight delays, which has meant that the wait has reached almost two years. Tesla does not give an answer, because the problem is in a major bottleneck in the production of the largest and most expensive model of Austin.

A new version of the Tesla Model X was launched in the fall of 2021. A mid-cycle update that attracted numerous buyers, mainly in the United States. While deliveries started early, the pace of production is too slow for the volume of orders the car has. Such a situation has caused many delays in deliveries. Many reservation holders have seen their delivery time vary up to eight times. The new estimated date is for April 2023.

Waiting almost two years for a car is too long. The problem mainly affects access models. Today, if you request the purchase of a Tesla Model X, the term that the brand gives you is between eight and eleven months.. Keep in mind that this is an estimate and not a specific date, as there are many orders already accumulated. The only way to speed up delivery is to opt for the Model X Plaid, in which case you can have it in your home garage in as little as three to five months.

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However, as some clients acknowledge through social networks, those who opted in October 2021 for an access Model X may have to wait until April next year, because Tesla, once again, has postponed the date again. Tesla does not comment on the matter, and only limits itself to acknowledging certain problems with the suppliers. Despite the situation, many buyers choose to keep the order, enduring with stoic patience.

And that we are talking about the United States, a priority market for Tesla. If we come to Europe, there are not even delivery times. Because there are no prices or way to reserve a unit. Last year Tesla delivered more than 900 thousand units of its smallest models, the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y, without However, it barely delivered 25,000 units of the Model S and Model X combined.. It is no secret that those from Austin give priority to the most commercial models and, even in them, variations in terms are observed depending on the version.

If we order a Model 3 in Spain today, delivery times vary considerably depending on the version, and even the equipment. The access model would not be available until January-March of next year, just like the Long Range unit. Nevertheless, the Model 3 Performance has an estimated delivery time between September and November of this year. Closer are the dates provided for the Model Y, in which case a buyer would hardly have to wait three to five months.

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