Solo presents the SD1, an electric truck with 800 km of autonomy and Tesla inspiration

The company Only Advanced Vehicle Technologiesbased in Fremont, California, has revealed the design and specifications of the SD1its new Class 8 electric truck specially designed for the autonomous driving. In addition to being clearly inspired by the Semi, the electric truck of its neighbor Tesla, the SD1 is equipped with a series of sensors that allow integration of an autonomous driving system governed by a proprietary software control interface.

In the United States, Class 8 trucks correspond to those whose gross weight is less than 15 tons. They are dedicated to transporting very heavy loads over long distances. Several manufacturers have already developed electric trucks capable of being included in this category using fully electric propulsion systems, although powered in some cases by batteries and in others by hydrogen fuel cells. Among the first, the Tesla Semi is the best known of all, especially for its design and the benefits it promises.

Probably inspired by it, the Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies company has developed the SD1, an electric truck that can carry a weight equivalent to that of Class 8 trucks, is independent of trailers and is designed to integrate with all standard loading docks. .

It is capable of offering greater autonomy than 800 kilometers (500 miles). For its propulsion, it has electric axles configured in tandem that include a multi-speed gearbox. Integrated electric motors provide a total power of 600 kW (804 hp). In addition, to increase its efficiency, the truck is equipped with active aerodynamic systems and low rolling resistance tyres. According to its creators “the SD1 has the lowest aerodynamic coefficient of any Class 8 truck”.

It is designed to guarantee delivery times similar to current trucksand for that it incorporates compatibility with fast chargers and can also use all current existing networks.

In addition to its totally electric propulsion, Solo highlights its capacity for autonomous driving. The SD1 has been designed from the ground up to be an electric truck. It includes “complete aerospace-grade system redundancy that eliminates the need for a human to travel on board, making this platform the safest in the world.”

It also has a system of outdoor lighting so you can communicate with pedestrians and a unique sound signature so that it can be recognized by other road users. The truck’s sensor layout is designed to allow the integration of any autonomous driving system thanks to a proprietary software control interface. The AV controller’s modular integration allows for multiple associations with minimal hardware and software changes.

“Major freight, logistics, retail and other category operators can only keep demand sustainable by converging two technology opportunities: long-distance battery-electric transportation and autonomy,” said Solo founder and CEO Graham Doorley. . “Today’s autonomous systems will not work on existing or scaled platforms. At Solo AVT we are solving both challenges as we develop the SD1 to offer, from day one, an autonomous truck with more than 500 miles of range.”

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