So are the ambitious plans for the umpteenth relaunch of Lancia

“Today is an important day, Lancia is ready for Europe, taking the first step to become a credible and respected brand in the premium segment. Our ten-year plan, approved last September, is taking shape step by step. We are the Italian brand of elegance. It is our rebirth, innovation and timeless design have always been our core valuesbut now we want to add sustainability, responsibility and also customer focus as we look to the future with great ambition.”

With these words, the CEO of Lancia, Luca Napolitano, has started a statement presenting the general lines of the plan to relaunch the brand (we have already lost count of how many times they go). In the coming years, the Italian firm will change its mentality and approach. Having left behind its most glorious stage, Lancia is currently experiencing its darkest phase. Although many considered her missing, the integration into the Stellantis Group has given a new impetus to keep her alive.

Although the general lines of the plan are already marked, the start of the strategy will not begin until next 2024 and will be valid for 10 years. The Lancia Ypsilon, the model that has kept the company afloat, will be the first to be updated. It will become in a model of segment B with an approximate size of four meters, a twin model to the already known Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa or Citroën C3. Using the Stellantis e-CMP platform, the new Ypsilon will employ 100% electric mechanics derived from the electric versions of the e-208 and Opel Mokka-e.

The start of the strategy will not begin until 2024 and will be valid for 10 years.

There are three launches planned for the next decade, one every two years. In 2026 a new unit will arrive that will be placed as the company’s flagship. With an approximate measurement of 4.6 meters we are talking about a model with a size similar to the BMW X1, the Audi Q3 and the Mercedes GLA with electrical mechanics. Three German models that Lancia wants to face, although it will not be easy given the tremendous market penetration that German brands have in the premium category.

The third model of this particular offensive trident will be the new Lancia Delta. With a very special name, the rejuvenated Delta will position itself as a rival in the compact category thanks to a approximate measure 4.4 meters long. Lancia has announced a sculpted and muscular design with geometric lines that “will appeal to car enthusiasts across Europe”. Its arrival is scheduled for the year 2028, and at no time has anything been announced regarding its possible mechanics.

However, Luca Napolitano has given clear clues as to where the shots can go. The electrification agenda is clear. From 2026 Lancia will only launch 100% electric models and from 2028 it will only market 100% electric units. The three new models will cover 50% of the European market, and the goal is for sales to help the Stellantis Group enter the premium segment, where they currently only have the help of DS. We’ll see how Lancia’s plans turn out, a brand that historically deserves to rejoin the markets on the right foot.

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