Skoda Vision GT: the racing electric we want to see come true

The Czech firm has just released the first images of a racing model with electric technology. This has been presented in the form of a digital sketch and, for the moment, it is not expected to become a reality, although the possibility of it being shown in the form of an exhibition car is not ruled out. His name is Skoda Vision GT and is inspired by the classic Skoda 1100 OHC from 1957.

Aesthetically, the Skoda Vision GT is presented as a single-seater roofless racing model. The whole set includes very marked lines of tension in order to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Its total height is guessed really low (from the company they have not given data on their dimensions).

The frontal aesthetic stars her an LED line that crosses the entire width of the model and culminates in vertical lights very similar to what Peugeot shows in its new design language. The nose line is very sharp. In the center of it is the reissued brand logo that was recently presented to the public. Its wheel arches play a fundamental role in generating a better fluidity of the air as a whole. The tires that this presents are of great dimensions.

In your profile line you can see a completely elongated nose, with a very rear passenger compartment and a very muscular appearance. The cockpit itself, where the pilot will stay, has an extended roof drop to generate better aerodynamics, but, at the same time, it creates an image inspired by the classic fin that the classic model on which it bases its design had.

Its lines are inspired by the 1957 Skoda 1100 OHC

On the other hand, no specific images have been published from behind, although certain elements can be guessed in the profile image, such as a split spoiler or LED Mondays in the form of lines. Again, its rear wheels play a major role in the design of the rear.

Specific images of the cabin have not been published either, although from the company itself they have given details about what will be located inside. First, the pilot will have a steering wheel flattened at the top and bottom and a carbon fiber construction. Behind this is a curved horizontal screen that follows the front shapes of the passenger compartment. The driver has a visor with an integrated screen where you can glimpse certain data in the form of augmented reality.

At the moment the specifications that this hypothetical and futuristic electric racing model would have have not been detailed, although the sketches directly suggest capabilities similar to those of the current Formula E.

This design studio is part of the “Icons Get a Makeover” series of Skoda, in which other classic models restyled in the form of futuristic electrics have been glimpsed. Once this concept vehicle has been shown to the public, it is more than likely that the Czech company will take it to the popular game Gran Turismo, on which other vehicles of the “Vision GT” series, both from Skoda and others, have already been downloaded. companies.

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