Škoda shows the first preview of the electric car that it will manufacture in Spain

Škoda has shown for the first time the image of what will probably be the most important electric car in its range when it is presented, since then it will be the most affordable of all. At the moment it does not have a name, but we do already know several aspects about this model, whose arrival on the streets is scheduled for 2025.

This is Škoda’s iteration of the MEB Small platform, the technical base that the Volkswagen Group commissioned SEAT to develop for the batch of small cars that will make up the German consortium’s electric offensive for the urban segment.

In addition to the Škoda model, of which only the image at the top of these lines has been shown as a preview, CUPRA and Volkswagen will also have their own models based on the MEB Small. Models whose personality and aesthetics have already taken conceptual form thanks to the CUPRA Urbanrebel and Volkswagen ID. Life, although the designations of the production models will vary to adapt to the nomenclature of the range of each manufacturer.

As for the Škoda model, and judging by the muscular squareness of the advance, it remains to resort to its design philosophy Modern Solid. An aesthetic aspect with which the firm intends to imprint robustness and muscle, while maintaining the simplicity of typical Škoda designs, to take a path that is quite different from that of CUPRA and Volkswagen and thus be able to differentiate its model as much as possible. .

Previous preview of Škoda’s Modern Solid design philosophy.

One aspect, however, seems to be the case in all three cases. And it is that, based on the advances shown by each firm, we are facing three models that will hit the market in crossover or urban SUV format, similar in concept to the Peugeot e-2008 and Opel Mokka-e.

Given that both CUPRA and Volkswagen have already shown the conceptual models related to this small-sized electric offensive by the German group, Škoda is expected to do the same before 2023so at some point, probably in the third quarter, we will see the prototype that will advance the shapes and personality of Škoda’s small electric car.

CUPRA affordable electric car.
The silhouette shown by Škoda is very similar to the one that SEAT showed on the CUPRA model months ago.

In terms of power and autonomy, all models will share specifications. From what we already know there will presumably be two sizes of batteries, one that is already confirmed with a capacity of 62 kWh, and a second smaller and therefore more affordable option of 48 kWh. The maximum power that the MEB Small is capable of supporting is 231 hp (171 kW).

All of the above limited in a price that in the smaller battery version and more modest equipment line, should start between 20,000 and 25,000 euros.

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