Silence will manufacture its electric car in Catalonia upon reaching an agreement with the Generalitat

The Minister of Business and Labor of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Roger Torrent, has announced that this Tuesday night the management of Silence and the works councils of Nissan have reached an agreement to “unlock” the landing of the Catalan company in the plants occupied by the car company.

The agreement allows “the hiring of a good part of the workers” who were left without work after the closure of Nissan, he explained during the control session to the Government in response to a question from ERC about reindustrialization.

The Minister has assured that the agreement shields the jobs of these employees for the coming years: “Thanks to the work that the agents present at the reindustrialization table have done, we are convinced that the process of reindustrialization of Nissan -and the news today is a test – it will end successfully and we will manage to maintain industrial continuity, and more importantly, jobs”.

The agreement has been rushed due to Silence’s need to start serial production of its first electric car, the Silence S04. The Spanish firm made it clear last week that if part of the land left by Nissan was not finally assigned to the company, they would have to consider taking the production of their electric car to another location, and one of the strongest was outside of Catalonia. .

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