Silence needs to manufacture the S04, and if it can’t do it in the Zona Franca, it could leave Catalonia

Silence, through its CEO, Carlos Sotelo, has given one last chance in recent days to the reindustrialization commission of the Nissan Free Trade Zone in Barcelona if there is not this Friday a final resolution regarding the industrial projects chosen to occupy the spaces.

This has been announced by the CEO of the Catalan electric motorcycle manufacturer on the eve of the last scheduled meeting, which will take place this coming friday. At the appointment, it is expected that the necessary contest will be held to select the logistics manager of the land to which the different companies aspire, as announced The Economistamong which, in addition to Silence, is the mobility hub led by QEV Technologies.

Days ago, the minister of industryCommerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has come to point out that probably during this same month the Silence project will be approved for the Nissan facilities in Barcelona, ​​as well as for the company’s R & D center.

Battery Silence S04
Silence already needs a location to build the factory where it will mass-produce the electric Silence S04.

Silence, largely owned by the energy company Acciona, is a company in full commercial expansion, and has to accompany the demand and growth of its products with a production that allows it to meet the expectations it has for its future.

Carlos Sotelo himself has mentioned that if they want to take advantage of the advantage they have over the rest of the manufacturers that are active in Europe, they must hurry up. “We don’t have more time,” commented the CEO of Silence, according to El Economista.

The Catalan electric mobility firm says it has already bought all the necessary equipment for the mass production of its first electric car, the Silence S04, and if there is no final resolution this Friday, the company will begin to consider locations outside of Catalonia to build the production line they need to shape their electric car. Along with this, in addition, Silence has recently launched a new subscription plan through which they intend to substantially increase the sales of their electric motorcycles.

Carlos Sotelo, CEO of Silence.
Carlos Sotelo, CEO of Silence.

Notably SEATas a client of Silence, could also be one of the reasons why Silence is putting pressure on the Zona Franca reindustrilization commission, since the company owned by the Volkswagen Group could be interested in Silence’s small electric car for continue to occupy a small part of the urban mobility market, in the same way that it does with the SEAT Mó eScooter 125, the electric motorcycle that Silence manufactures for SEAT.

This same Friday, as mentioned, it is expected that the table will meet again to finalize the tender, whose deadlines are between this month of May and its final award between the end of June and the beginning of July.

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