Several experts talk about the price of the Rivian R1T: “it should be more expensive”

It is not the first time that an expert related to the electrical automotive sector has spoken about the low starting cost of the Rivian R1T. One of the last to mention this fact was the CEO of Lucid Motors himself, who stated that the price of this model is below its real value and that, if it wants to be profitable for the company, it should start at $100,000. Now, Sandy Munro, former Ford engineer and director of Munro & Associates, also mentions it.

A few months ago, Rivian had to deal with the harshest criticism by increasing the starting price of its electric pick-up, the Rivian R1T. Most of these criticisms came from customers who had already reserved the model and had a purchase price, in some cases, up to $12,000 lower. For these customers who had already made their reservation in advance of the price increase, the company admitted that the cost for which they initially entered would be respected. Nevertheless, the new interested parties will see how the final invoice of their electric car reaches $67,500which is still well below the proposed figure.

The aforementioned Sandy Munro, who is dedicated to advising vehicle companies through the breakdown of their own cars, recently admitted that “the Rivian R1T is priced well below what it is and what it does”. The advisor is aiming more for a starting price above the base $100,000. In this way, said statement is very close to what was recently declared by Peter Rawlinson, CEO of Lucid Motors.

From Munro & Associates they affect the lack of quality of some interior elements of the R1T
From Munro & Associates they affect the lack of quality of some interior elements of the R1T

However, and although the Rivian R1T has a price of 67,500 dollars, the truth is that the variant that Munro is investigating is the one equipped with four engines and much higher specifications. This already has a starting price of $79,000, so the proposal would lead to a further increase in the final bill for the customer of more than $20,000something that for Rivian could mean the loss of a large percentage of those interested in acquiring its electric pick-up model.

Likewise, Munro also specified in parallel the possibilities that the company presents so that, instead of making such an astounding price increase, do the same in favor of a reduction in manufacturing costswhere the adviser sees clear indications that this is very possible although, publicly, he has not made concise comments about it.

From the Munro & Associates company they mention the pros and cons of this electric pick-up. As positive elements, its presence and image stand out, as well as technology, storage capacity or intelligent elements; on the contrary, they refer to the poor quality of certain interior elements if we compare it with models of more established brands, such as Ford and his F-150 Lightningwhich has a starting price well below the Rivian model.

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