Scania to test two new electric trucks at an iron ore mine

The works in the mines are especially hard and demanding for the machinery. A difficult, rugged environment in which to test the reliability and performance of the machine in question. Scania is fully confident that its electric trucks can keep up, and will start testing two of its battery-powered models together with steel and mining company LKAB.

An electric Scania Heavy Tipper will start work at LKAB’s Malmberget mine in northern Sweden. Alongside it, there will also be a fully electric crane truck specially adapted for work in the mine. This project together with the customer will allow Scania the opportunity to test the two models in an underground mine and extract high-value data about its electric trucks.

This joint project will make it possible to “develop and build fossil-free vehicles that are as productive or even more productive than current ones,” according to Peter Gustavsson, project manager at LKAB. The two companies have joined forces to try to decarbonize their operations; Although mining is a high-carbon activity, LKAB aims to reduce its environmental footprint from the extraction of iron in the mines to transportation.

The Scania Heavy Tipper is a dump truck with a total weight, including load, of 49 tons and will be dedicated to the transport of residual products. The second truck is equipped with a crane and will serve to transport the steel drill bits to the underground drilling rigs. The electric truck with crane will be charged at the depot, but charging at construction sites will also be possible to increase flexibility. The two vehicles are expected to start operating at LKAB in 2022.

“Electric trucks are part of the ambition to set a new standard for sustainable mining (…) We are moving away from our fossil diesel fleet, and as we test the capability of battery electric vehicles, the decisions being made about the choice of trucks should not only contribute to higher productivity but, above all, to a more sustainable mine and a safer working environment,” said Peter Gustavsson.

According to Scania, the electric heavy tipper is the first of its kind in the industry. However, the brand has not yet included it in its range of mass-produced battery models, which already includes electric trucks of up to 64 tons intended for road transport.

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