Savings will install 450 charging points for electric vehicles in 140 stores

The local supermarket chain Savings has reached an agreement with EDP for the installation of 450 charging points for electric vehicles located in 140 car parks of establishments and offices of Salvamas in Spain.

The charging points will be owned by EDP, which will be responsible for their installation, operation and support. In addition, EDP has committed to installing chargers in all the newly built centers that Salvamas will deploy in the future.

Currently, the recharging infrastructure of Salvamas comprises 114 operating recharging points in 43 centers. With this new project, the supermarket chain intends Add 450 points where you can charge plug-in vehicles (electric and plug-in hybrids). The charging points can be managed through the apps EDP ​​Move On.

This action is part of the current Salvamas sustainability strategy, which includes other initiatives focused on energy efficiency and commitment to the environment. Thus, in 2023, in 2023, Savings will become one of the supermarkets with greater installed photovoltaic power on the roofs of its stores in the Community of Madrid and Castilla La Mancha.

According to Luis Ramón Vicente, deputy director of Expansion of Savings, “this agreement with EDP (…) together with the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement, energy purchase agreement) and the installation of photovoltaic panels in all our points of sale wherever possible, it allows us to achieve the objective that between 50-75% of the energy consumed in our points of sale comes from green energies».

The supermarket chain, which has 275 stores in the Community of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha, will thus offer the possibility of charge the vehicle while customers shop. At the same time, EDP’s Director of Sustainable Mobility, Javier Martínez Ríos, highlighted that “thanks to the agreement with Salvamas, EDP will grow its recharging network in Madrid and its surroundings, bringing EDP’s recharging offer closer to neighborhoods and municipalities. ».

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