Save the date: Jeep announces the day it will present its electrification plans

Jeep, as part of the Stellantis automotive group, will stockpile a range of hybrid and pure electric models. This will be a shock to the company that, historically, has been dominated by thermal blocks, both diesel and gasoline. From the company they have already announced that in the coming years their plan was to significantly reduce the average emissions of their models, although they did not go into concise details. Now, the American firm has set a date for the presentation of its complete electrification plan: next September 8.

There are many doubts generated by the North American company regarding the models that it will present in the coming years. Today, in Europe, its entire range of models has a plug-in hybrid alternativealthough from the firm they want to go a step further and provide these models with purely electric variants as well.

It is known that Jeep is already preparing a totally new and 100% electric model for its launch in the coming months. This will appear as one of the most affordable vehicles in the entire range and will belong to the B-SUV segment. This will use the Stellantis STLA Small platform, the updated version of the e-CMP that is already used by models from other brands such as the Peugeot e-2008 or the Citroën ë-C4, among others.

Nevertheless, What other plans do you have in Jeep? At the moment little else is known about new electric and electrified models that will reach the company’s ranks in the coming months and years. This is something that will be revealed more specifically in the presentation event announced for next September 8, which has already been baptized as “Jeep 4xe Day” under the slogan of “a new era of electrification”. This has been published in the last hours through the official accounts of brand social networks.

From Jeep they still maintain a high level of secrecy regarding what will be revealed in the coming days, although they have already admitted that they are “accelerating the change towards achieving zero emissions” for which they would make a series of announcements about their electrification plans.

One of the models that is expected to be officially announced is the arrival of a 100% electric variant of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is currently marketed in Europe under a 380 hp plug-in hybrid mechanism; as well as the arrival of the all-electric Wrangler which has already been advanced by the conceptual model called “Magneto”.

In addition to these, details will also be given of what the brand will show at the Paris Motor Show, just a few weeks later, as well as the arrival of the company’s first fully electric model. In just a few days we will have all the information regarding the future more eco friendly of Jeep.

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