Sales of second-hand electric cars skyrocket in Spain

The average price of second-hand electric vehicles stood at 34,326 euros in the first six months of the year, which represents a rise of 31.5% compared to the 26,105 euros recorded in the same period of the previous year, according to the report ElectricarVO from and the National Association of Motor Vehicle Sellers, Repair and Spare Parts (Ganvam).

The document shows that the increase in fuel prices and the forthcoming entry into force of Low Emission Zones (ZBE) in Spanish municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants is causing consumers to increase their interest in electric cars.

Thus, sales of second-hand electric vehicles stood at 6,328 units during the first six months of the current year, which translates into a strong rise of 44% in the year-on-year comparison.

In Spain, 2,734 used electric vehicles less than a year old were sold in the first half, 37.2% more, as well as 1,981 units between one and three years old (+62.8%) and 1,122 units between three and five years old. years (+37.8%).

As for the ‘online’ demand for these vehicles in the Spanish market, this doubled in the first half in However, the supply of second-hand electric vehicles fell by 22% in the first half, with a particularly significant decline among models less than a year old (-70%).

So far this year, the Renault ZOE was the best-selling used electric model in Spain, with 940 units, ahead of the Smart Fortwo, with 639 units; of the BMW i3, with 448 units; the Smart Forfour, with 422 units, and the Nissan Leaf, with 342 units.

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