Sales of passenger cars fall while electric cars grow by 33%

After a month of June that ended up being the best in the annual series, the 31 days of July closed with a decrease in the number of passenger car registrations, reaching a total of 73,378 units. A fall of 12.5% ​​that once again dyes a month that should have been positive in red. For their part, electrified cars (plug-in and electric hybrids) increased their sales by 4% to a total of 7,849 units, a positive figure that does not compensate for the current delicate situation.

Not even the hybrids have harvested a good data during the past month of July. In recent months, hybrids had accounted for an important part of the sales volume, but in June they have suffered a drop of 1.3% compared to the same month of the previous year with a total of 27,990 units. Despite this, if we look at the data accumulated throughout the year, the hybrid market grew by 9.9%. For their part, plug-in and electric hybrids reached a market share of 7.2% in July.

By channels, the only segment that obtains positive data is the channel of companies with a growth of 2.3% in the annual accumulated. The individual market fell by 1% compared to the first seven months of last year. Much worse are the data obtained by the rental car market. With only 11,013 units registered, it represents a reduction of 47% compared to the same period last year. Sales of light industrial vehicles were also in negative with a fall of 17.9%, accounting for only 11,279 units.

Lynk & Co 01.
The Lynk&Co 01 is once again the best-selling plug-in hybrid on the market

Within the electrified market, conventional hybrids continue to be the preferred option for Spanish drivers. 20,062 passenger cars registered during the month of July, representing a market share of 27.34%. After many months of dominance by Toyota, the FIAT 500 hybrid is the best-selling model in the category with 1,479 units sold. The podium is closed by two Toyota models, the Toyota Yaris Cross with 1,407 vehicles sold and then the Toyota C-HR with a total of 1,193 signed contracts.

If we go to the plug-in hybrid passenger car market, we see how sales decline by 10.1% accounting for a total of 3,630 registered vehicles that represent a market share of 4.95%. Once again the Lynk&Co 01 is the leader in the category with 290 vehicles delivered, which represents a growth of 1,511.11%. Behind him is the KIA Niro PHEV with 197 deliveries and the Hyundai Tucson with 179 registrations.

The electric ones can say that they have been the only ones to offer positive data during the past month with a growth of 33.03% and a total of 2,074 passenger cars registered, which represents a market share of 2.83%. In the table of best sellers Tesla disappears. The Citroën ë-C4 leads sales with 165 units, behind it we find the surprising Dacia Spring with a total of 163 registered units. Finally, the podium is closed by the Hyundai KONA with 126 deliveries during the month of July.

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