Rumors suggest that BMW will manufacture the electric ‘Neue Klasse’ in Mexico

BMW has big plans for the future. With an electric fleet in exponential growth, the Germans need places where they can supply the increasing demand. Within its large production framework, the San Luis Potosí plant in Mexico seems one of the best positioned to win one of the coveted positions to manufacture the new batch of electrics expected by 2025. The rumors are getting louder.

As we have already said, the Germans have scheduled a whole new offer of electric cars collected under the new platform New Class, a platform dedicated to total electrification that will give life to cars with greater autonomy and better capabilities. A whole family of products is expected around it, an offer that will hit the market with force and which is expected to accumulate numerous sales throughout the world. To meet that need, BMW needs adapted factories.

The plans for San Luis Potosí have been sounding for some time, although they have not yet been officially confirmed by BMW. The only thing that the Germans have made reference to is that they do not comment on rumors about future generations of vehicles, but it is already known that when the river sounds, water carries. The San Luis Potosí plant is gaining prominence within the German group since it began its activity in 2019. Barely three years of life in which he has shown that he can become a top-level position.

The BMW i7, BMW’s most advanced electric car, has already started production

The Neue Klasse, or New Class, will be the platform that lights up new models and updates some already present. The mid-range will be the first to make an appearance, mainly the BMW i3. After the cessation of production of the current and original i3, the nomenclature remains vacant pending a new unit that adopts it. The most predictable thing is that BMW opts for the electric version of the BMW 3 Series, following the same philosophy that it has carried out with the 4 Series and the BMW i4.

It is also expected to serve as the basis for the new generation of the BMW iX3, although it should be later. The commercial life of the new electric platform will start in 2025, although the San Luis Potosí plant would not start production of the new units until 2027, production that would be destined for the American market. The first plant to manufacture Neue Klasse models will be the Debrecen factory in Hungary, starting in 2025.

The platform will not be the only novelty in the new batch of electric BMW, to it will be added state-of-the-art components such as higher-capacity batteries and more efficient and compact electric motors. The management will be derived to new software systems that will optimize the processes to save as much energy as possible and thus be able to extend the operating life of the battery. Little by little we will learn more details and also what will finally happen with the Mexican plant.

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