Rumors begin to sound about the BMW iX2, the electric version of the X2

With the coming-out of the third generation of the BMW X1 and its corresponding electric alternative, the BMW iX1, the first rumors have already begun to sound about the arrival of an electric variant of the current BMW X2, which will arrive under the image of the generational update of the model, just as we have already seen on its range brother. However, his arrival would still be a few years away, which places its start of commercialization for the middle of this same decade.

The BMW X2, from the moment of its arrival on the market, was presented as the most aspirational variant of the BMW X1 itself. Its own design already made mention of this fact, since it lowered its height to the ground and finished off in a more concise way the rigidity of its different mechanical points, such as the steering or suspensions. The second generation of the X2 is expected to come under the same premises and hosting the new electrified mechanics that we have already seen on the new X1, as well as a 100% electric version called iX2.

In the aesthetic section, the BMW iX2 will present the well-known appendages decorated in blue around the entire body, as the main differentiation of the electric version. Additionally, other particular elements will also be incorporated, such as the fairing grill or specific wheels. In another order of things, it is expected that the new BMW iX2 will make use of parts already released in the iX1, such as a larger redesigned grille, sharper headlights and a new light signature, and also an extension in its dimensions. generals.

The new BMW iX2 will host for itself the new features released in the iX1
The new BMW iX2 will host for itself the new features released in the iX1

According to the latest estimates released by the BMW Group itself, by the end of 2023 they hope to have a fleet of 13 electric cars cigars, in order to present the first signs of a company that is evolving favorably towards the elimination of thermal mechanics. Once the aforementioned year is over, new models will arrive, including the aforementioned electric BMW iX2. As confirmed from media related to the brand, BMW does not expect to launch a 100% electric version of the current generation BMW X2because the very architecture on which the model is based would make such a movement impossible and forces this launch to be postponed until its second generation.

The new BMW iX2 is expected to sit on the same platform as the new BMW iX1. This will mean that we will not see the application of the new specific platform for electric vehicles “Neue Klasse” until a foreseeable third generation of the model, something that would already take us into the first years of the next decade.

The second generation of the BMW X2 will arrive with a high load of electrification through the use of plug-in hybrid mechanics, something that we have already been able to see in the generational update of the BMW X1, although it is possible that, being a model with more sporty aspirations, it makes use of some additional mechanics with more advanced specifications pointing towards an audience that seeks a greater presence of sportsmanship. This more capable mechanics could come from the hand of a generous role of electrification, thus leaving the alternatives of “simple” thermal engines for the options of access to the range.

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