Rubbee X, the easiest to use conversion kit for electric bicycles, for only 580 euros

The conversion kits that transform a conventional bicycle into an electric one They are a solution for those who do not want to invest a lot of money and who also have a bicycle that they do not want to get rid of. Of the many systems that exist for these accessories, the Ruby X stands out above all for its ease of installation and portability. Based on the friction on the rear wheelthe ease of use and the price make it a very interesting option, because it can be obtained for only 580 euros.

In 2013, Rubbee showed his idea of ​​what a conversion kit for an electric bike should look like and how it should work. What distinguishes the kit of this Lithuanian company from the rest of those that exist in the market is the operating system and its installation. Its assembly does not require disassembling any element of the bicycle or making any substitution. There is no electric motor in the wheel hub or bottom bracket and no battery to mount on any of your bars.

electric bike conversion kit rubbee x-interior1
The Rubbee X Conversion Kit is completely portable. A mobile phone app allows you to monitor system status, control support parameters and download firmware updates over the air.

The Rubbee X mounts hooked to the bike’s seat post and is adjusted so that its bearing rubs against the rear wheel cover. Therefore, the only item to mount on the bike is the seat post mount where the Rubbee X and wireless cadence sensor are inserted. This simplicity allows it to fit a large number of bicycle wheels and frames. Accepts rims 16 to 29 inches with widths ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 inches and can practically be mounted on any kind of frame of those that currently exist on the market, because it is really the seat post that is responsible for holding it. It can even be mounted on full suspension or rigid bikes, as long as they do not have a rear rack or mudguards.

Once the seat support has been mounted, it is only necessary to mount the kit in its position and click on the “X”. This is the time to lower it onto the tire so that friction causes the rear wheel to rotate. The speed of rotation will depend on the chosen support level that this depends on the battery modules that integrate the box.

rubbee x-interior2 electric bike conversion kit
Rubbee X E-Bike Conversion Kit Battery Module Specifications.

In the basic model just include a battery modulewith which Rubbee X is able to offer up to 250 W of power and assist the cyclist up to a speed of 25 km/h. A completely wireless cadence sensor installed in one of the cranks controls the start of the pedal assistance that will activate as soon as you start pedaling. Perhaps the biggest drawback of this configuration is that autonomy is very limited because it is only 16 kilometers, although the complete recharge only takes an hour. In the intermediate configuration increases autonomy 32 kilometers maintaining power and speed. In this way it meets the requirements of any EPAC bike. With three modules it is possible to reach 32km/hgenerate 350W power and travel 30 miles.

To help recover some power and put it back into the battery, Rubbee X is equipped with a regenerative braking system and with another that allows set force limit exerted on the tire. It also has a patented system of slip suppression and control which allows it to work even if the tires are wet from rain or in the presence of snow.

The light interactive rear It allows you to monitor the battery level and also serves to make the bike visible to other vehicles, thanks to a bright LED rear light located on the back of the kit.

A mobile phone application allows you to monitor system status, control support parameters, and download firmware updates over the air. The price of the Rubbee conversion kit is 580 eurosa really cheap cost to convert a bicycle into an electric vehicle that can be used for daily commutes.

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