Romania will have specific license plates for electric cars. Will they come to Spain?

Romania has just officially presented its new specific number plates for electric cars. This is not the first time that we have seen this type of movement in Europe, so the question we must ask ourselves is: will we see something similar in Spain? At the moment there are no indications of such execution, however, many are those who already estimate that the current DGT labeling system is somewhat lacking and this could be a good alternative.

In the case of the Romanian model, the regional Ministry of the Environment has shown in recent hours its new specific license plate for electric cars. this presents the letters and numbers, as well as an outer frame in green, in order to differentiate itself from the rest of the vehicles with a thermal engine that roam its roads. This will bring with it a series of supports and benefits for the vehicles that carry it; something similar to what is currently happening in cities like Madrid, where vehicles with a Zero label are not required to pay to park on the street in regulated parking areas.

In Europe we already have several countries that have taken the lead in presenting this type of number plates within their own borders. We have examples like Poland, Ukraine or UK, so that with this, Romania would become the fourth country that would carry out a movement of this type. The shape and color of the new Romanian license plate takes as a reference both the Ukrainian and the Polish, since in both the green font was also introduced. In the case of United Kingdom, inserts a small vertical green band at the far left of the platethus creating its own differentiation.

The Romanian Minister of Transport, Tánczos Barna, explained in a concrete way why they believe it is necessary to carry out this movement. According to the Romanian president, this will create a visibility of these new ecological vehicles on local traffic, as well as facilitate their identification in order to generate certain facilities, such as free parking, access to low emission zones or certain tax benefits.

In other European countries this differentiation is also carried out, although somewhat more discreetly than in the case of the three regions mentioned above. In the case of Norway, for electric cars, the first two letters of the plates will have the prefix “EL” followed by five numbers. In Germany we also contemplate something similar because electric vehicles carry the so-called “E-Plakette”, a small round green stamp that is located on the license plate itself.

When will we see something similar in Spain? At the moment the current government is not expected to carry out a movement similar to this, however there are many voices that are raised in favor of one more step to differentiate plug-in hybrid vehicles from pure electric ones, since in both cases carry the Zero label of the DGT equally. Would this be a good solution in order to guarantee greater and concrete benefits for pure electric cars?

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