Robosweeper, the electric and autonomous truck that cleans and disinfects the streets

WeRide and Yotung Group have launched a new fully autonomous electric truck that will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the streets of different Chinese capitals. Particularly important will be its work in populations with a high density of citizens. This will play a fundamental role in these tasks, since does not require personnel to drive it and, therefore, does not understand schedules or daysit will only depend on the level of charge that your electric battery presents.

China is doing a lot on its part to make the new outbreak of Covid-19 that has occurred in certain populations disappear. State officials are in charge of cleaning and disinfecting all the streets, but this is an arduous task since we are talking about highly populated cities. It is because of that WeRide and Yotung Group have teamed up to launch the Robosweeper and collaborate in these disinfection works. Although, of course, their task will not end once said outbreak has been corrected, but they will continue working in their respective cities. More units of this same model will arrive later to reduce the workload of each of them.

Its functions will begin during this same month of May
Its functions will begin during this same month of May.

Despite its appearance of a “traditional” truck, since it has windows (totally opaque) and a very everyday front, the truth is that this vehicle does not have a normal cabin, since it will not be driven by anyone, so It has no steering wheel or pedals. As we say, aesthetically it presents a very common design in which we could assure that it is an ordinary truck, but nothing is further from reality. In the four corners it houses a series of sensors and cameras through which your autonomous system will be able to see what lies beyond your own bodywork. These are the culprits that the Robosweeper is able to seal a level 4 autonomy.

This electric truck is fully approved to circulate at any time and on any urban terrain. Its high level of autonomy places it as one of the most technologically advanced electric vehicles. In the first batch, a total of 50 Robosweeper units will come out ready to clean and disinfect the streets, which will cover the Nansha district, in Guangzhou, starting this May.

The Robosweeper has numerous sensors and cameras
The Robosweeper has numerous sensors and cameras.

This autonomous electric truck has a cloud control platform. Through this, the system will monitor the operation routes and autonomous driving status in real time at all times. In parallel, you can also program or modify routes or tasks that the vehicle must carry out. The company that created such a vehicle has published a promotional video through his official YouTube account where we can see how the model works.

This Robosweeper is capable of carrying out tasks such as road cleaning, street disinfection and sweeping with water spray and disinfectant. Additionally, the model will be able to return to its original position and start its electrical charge, as well as once it is optimal, start its work routine. You can also fill your water tank or discharge wastewater, all without any human intervention. Once this model has proven its worth in the aforementioned region of Guangzhou, more units will gradually be deployed on other large cities in the eastern country.

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