Rivian’s measure to avoid delays in deliveries of its electric cars

Rivian is not having a good time. From the dissatisfaction of numerous customers due to the rise in the price of their units, to the lack of deliveries for buyers of the Rivian R1T after up to 3 years of waiting. Added to this are now also the clients whom deliveries are being delayed by up to an additional 9 months for the R1S. However, from Rivian they have already put an apparent solution to these date problems.

The popular delay in deliveries for certain finishes of the R1T is being imitated by its brother in the range, the R1S, although this time it is for most orders from certain American cities or states. About this, most of his clients realized what happened through reading other cases in various specialized forums. Customers who have already purchased a Rivian R1S and are just waiting for the delivery date to arrive have seen, or will see, their delivery date pushed back several months; specifically, the majority speak of estimated delivery dates for the months of March or April, which was subsequently updated to June and, finally, they arrived between October and December of this year.

These delivery delays are carried out on firm orders, some of which were signed in December 2018; that is, those who were the first to acquire a Rivian R1S will apparently take a maximum of three years to obtain their electric car.

This delay is directly attributed by Rivian to a poor supply chain., in which the brand is being seriously compromised to cope with the orders it already has firm, so the Americans are being forced to give priority to certain aesthetic combinations of colors or finishes; something that has already been seen in its sister model, the Rivian R1T.

Two of the _preconfigured_ options that Rivian offers on the R1T
Two of the preconfigured options Rivian offers for the R1T

To solve -or mitigate- the problem, from Rivian they are waiting to deliver their first electric vehicles produced to states or cities where there is a functional infrastructure. Of the entire North American country, Rivian mentions 19 of its centers spread over 14 states, most of them located on US coasts.

To add even more “solutions”, Rivian also proposes something to avoid waiting in the different deliveries of its electric pick-up, the R1T. Your customers also complain about a lack of seriousness in the estimated dates for these deliveries, something that we were able to talk about here a few days ago. The main problem with this model arose in certain finishes, so the directive of the electric car brand urges its customers to get preconfigured models on the web company officer.

This option for the electric pick-up will only be available to those who have already booked their own configuration of the model and are awaiting receipt. With this “solution” proposed by the brand, these customers they can save between six and eight weeks of waiting, in the best case. Rivian may start doing the same to avoid the wait for delivery of the electric SUV model, the R1S. The truth is that customers who have already configured their model initially are not entirely happy, since the brand offers them the solution of buying a vehicle that is not the one they originally wanted in exchange for avoiding waiting for deliveries.

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