Rimac works on structural batteries and cells with higher energy density

Rimac, the Croatian firm of electric supercars, has already works to improve your batteries giving its cells a higher energy density. For this, they will use cylindrical type cells larger than the current ones, reaching 46 millimeters in diameter.

Just a few days ago, Rimac came to the fore for the start of production of its, until now, the only model, the Rimac Refrigerator. This electric supercar is presented as the pinnacle of technology and specifications that a vehicle of this type can incorporate today; it determines a maximum power of up to 1,914 hp and 2,360 Nm of maximum torque. However, from the car company they are already looking to improve the recipe through advances in battery cells. Rimac currently, in addition to being an automobile brand, is also positioned as a technology company that supplies other brands in the sector.

Wasim Sarwar Dilov, head of research and advanced engineering at Rimac Technology, revealed in a recent interview to Automotive News Europe that the company is working on structural battery packs that will form part of the car’s own body. Along with this research project, Rimac’s technological department is also working on the possible improvement in the efficiency of its battery cells, with those aiming to reach 75 per cent of the total package mass.

This will represent an important advance with respect to the technology that the sector currently possesses, since models as outstanding as the porsche taycan or the Tesla Model 3 they account for 63 and 64 percent of their cell mass, respectively. Rimac Nevera currently owns 67 percent.

Rimac Technologies receives an investment of 500 million euros.
A few days ago, Rimac began production of the 150 units of the Refrigerator

Tesla was the first company to invest a significant amount of money in creating cylindrical cells with a diameter of 46 millimeters, something that meant significantly improving their energy density. These cells, patented by the North American electric car firm, have a height of 80 millimeters; nevertheless, in Rimac they do not point to a specific height of their cells, but rather they will vary their dimension depending on the application to which they are destined.

The Croatian company has technology supply contracts with a wide range of brands in the sector, as well as others that could come later, such as Aston Martin. The growth objectives of its technological department are more than flattering, since they aspire to supply no less than 40,000 battery packs by 2023 and 200,000 by 2028. Wasim Sarwar Dilov himself revealed during his speech that the company is currently in talks with three battery manufacturers to supply the cells for its new pack.

However, while the company primarily seeks to improve the structure of its battery cells to generate higher energy density, according to Wasim Sarwar Dilov what really makes their technology special is the software with which they are equippedbecause “with it we can extract more performance from any cell than our competitors,” said the person in charge, who aims to be able to take a significant step in the current electricity industry.

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