Rimac obtains 500 million euros in a new round of financing

Rimac is carving out a niche for itself at the technological pinnacle of the electric automotive sector with remarkable speed. The launch of the Rimac Refrigerator, its acquisition of Bugatti, as well as other movements made in recent months, have placed the Croatian firm in the spotlight of all current brands. Thanks to this, the company has received in the last few hours an economic amount of 500 million euros in a new round of financing with Goldman Sachs and SoftBank at the helm. From Rimac Group they already know what purposes they will allocate this enormous sum of money to.

The well-known Rimac company is mainly made up of two subsidiaries: Rimac Technologies and Bugatti-Rimac (formerly known as Rimac Automobili). As a whole, Rimac Group currently has a total value of more than 2,000 million euros. On this occasion, it has been its department dedicated to the development of automotive technology that has received this generous financial amount, with a view to expanding its capacity for innovation to other investment brands.

Rimac Technologies has become, on its own merits, the largest technological partner for various highly successful brands in the sector, such as Porsche, Hyundai, Koenigsegg or Aston Martin, among others. All of them have placed their trust in the Croatian company with a view to its providing state-of-the-art technology for their commercial street vehicles. One of the greatest assets that Rimac has been able to exploit has been the development of its electric supercar, the Nevera, which has been of great help as an exhibition of technological strength and as an attractant for foreign investment.

Part of what was acquired will be used to continue with the construction of the new headquarters in Rimac.
Part of what was acquired will be used to continue with the construction of the new headquarters in Rimac.

From Rimac Group they assure that thanks to this new millionaire investment, the company will continue with the development of new technologies along with a manufacturing capacity of tens of thousands of components each year, from batteries for hybrid or electric cars, to chassis dedicated to high-performance models. Additionally, will also use it to hire 700 new workersexpand its network of offices and departments in Europe, as well as continue with the construction of its new headquarters located in Zagred, the capital of Croatia, which, as specified by the company, will be presented as the largest building in the entire country , where the offices, laboratories, factory and warehouses will be housed.

The CEO of the company, Mate Rimac, assured that Today the company has ambitious growth plans with a view to the coming years. During his speech, he took advantage of the moment to thank SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and Goldman Sachs Asset Management for their leading role in the company’s new round of financing. Additionally, the CEO dedicated a few words to InvestIndustrial and Porsche, two other firms that have been of enormous importance in Rimac’s recent history.

Once again Rimac has proven to be at the top in terms of electrical technological development. As can be seen, many of these investments end up later reaching the market through electric vehicles launched by their respective investment brands. Rimac Group is currently carrying out the development of new electric and electrified models signed both by Rimac itself and by Bugatti. Both brands will put new models on the market that will present a high technological load, as well as a great role for the aforementioned electrification.

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