Renting an electric bike pollutes more than using public transport

ETH Zürich and the Swiss Institute for Transport Planning and Systems have conducted A study To compare the contamination caused by the new public transport systems that are becoming widespread in the cities and that use single person electric vehicles. The conclusions, which have been endorsed by the scientific community, indicate that both rental bicycles and electric scooters pollute more than the means of public transport they want to replace.

The rise of electric micromobility, which includes scooters, bicycles (and also electric scooters), both owned and shared vehicle fleets, has the potential to disrupt the industry. It facilitates the daily transport of people and on many occasions, it is faster than the car and provides greater freedom to reach your destination and avoid traffic jams. The base market for shared micromobility is 300,000 million 500,000 million dollars in 2030. In addition, until now it had always been stated that helps clean and make the air in cities more breathable.

A person who travels by bicycle pollutes less than he does in any means of transport, with the exception of walking. The study carried out by ETH Zürich and the Swiss Institute for Planning and Transport Systems has analyzed and evaluated for three months the 65,000 displacements of the 540 people who lent themselves to it in the Swiss city of Zurich. In total, they were assessed eight different means of transport to obtain a result that encompasses all.

The surprising conclusion (or perhaps not so much) that he has obtained is that electric one-person transport that is placed in cities at the service of citizens, such as electric bicycles and scooters, pollute more in terms of total emissions, that is, including their production and final disposal, than public transportation.

The truth is that both electric bicycles and private scooters are a very ecological means of transport if compared to a private car. Their specifications allow them to replace them on most urban journeys with which CO emissions are reducedtwo to the atmosphere. Nevertheless, those for rentare designed and managed so that replace collective public transport to a greater extent (and sometimes to travel on foot). And it is in this case that the study obtains these conclusions. Thus, someone who decides to rent a bicycle or an electric scooter instead of getting on a bus or a subway, is polluting more the air of his city.

Thus, at least in the case of Zurich, VMP companies are worsening emissions in cities, although this result can have multiple interpretations and must be taken with a grain of salt.

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