Renault’s electric Mobilize Limo arrives in Spain exclusively

Last August 2021, the alternative mobility brand owned by the Renault Group, made public its new model, which it called Limo. This was about a 100% electric sedan with a range of up to 450 kilometers. Now, from the French brand’s own board, they have confirmed that this model will first and exclusively reach the Spanish market under a subscription service, with a clear focus on the taxi sector and VTC services.

Yesterday, Clotilde Delbos, CEO of the company, confirmed in an official statement that Spain will become the first territory in which the French firm will test all the benefits that its electric model promulgates to later launch it to the rest of the world. For the French business group, Spain is a very important country in terms of sales and manufacturing of its models; that is why the launch of the Mobilize Limo will take place next August.

East will be offered under subscription service for the taxi and VTC transport sector. Regarding the latter, the French company mentioned that it is in talks with several companies in the transport sector with which it will work to equip its range with this electric model, although, for the time being, the price has not been specified by which this car will be available for these sectors.

The second model to arrive will be the Duo in 2023.
The second model to arrive will be the Duo in 2023.

From this company specialized in mobility alternatives, they hope to represent at least 20% of the annual turnover presented by the Renault Group at the end of this decade, focusing on achieving 10% of the turnover for that year by 2025. To achieve this goal, Mobilize hopes to harvest some total sales between 150,000 and 200,000 by 2030either as taxis, VTC, carsharing or delivery vans.

The French mobility company expects to have a range of up to 4 models, in total, by the year 2026. This range would be made up of the aforementioned electric model that will arrive in Spain, the Limo, as well as a second vehicle for carsharing and which will be called Duowhich will hit the market in 2023. Later, the bento, an electric van also focused on the world of shared vehicles. Finally, already in the year 2026, Mobilize will launch the hippowhich will be a larger electric van dedicated to the last-mile transport sector.

With this it is clear that Mobilize does not intend to sell cars or vehicles in general as such, but rather its objective is to offer alternatives and mobility services. In addition to the business with the aforementioned electric models, Mobilize also has other business branches dedicated to financial services and insurance. From the company they foresee that practically all the models that will be put into circulation in 2030 will be covered by the financial services and leasing plans of Mobilize Financial Services. All this with the clear vision of representing up to 20% of the total turnover of the Renault Group by the end of the decade.

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