Renault presents the E-Tech Engineered line for its hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars

The Spanish division of Renault announces the start of the marketing of a new line of exclusive equipment for the hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of its models. The brand has named it E-Tech Engineeredand will be available in its Clio, Arkana, Megane (saloon and Sport Tourer) and Captur.

In total there are six different combinations that there will be for this series between models, bodies and type of hybrid technology. The Captur is the only one that will be offered in a conventional hybrid version and also a plug-in hybrid, although on the contrary, this is the only model that at the moment cannot be ordered with this line of equipment, since the brand has not yet opened the deadline for orders.

This new line of equipment is located at the top of the range of each of the models, so more accessible versions still exist in economic terms in each of the cases.

On the outside, each model will have an inscription on the side reminding us of which version we are facing.
On the outside, each model will have an inscription on the side reminding us of which version we are facing.

According to Renault itself, before discounts and promotions, the E-Tech Engineered series starts in Spain with the 28,600 euros of the Clio. The Arkana, for its part, starts at 33,050 euros for the conventional hybrid version, with the plug-in rising to 38,230 euros, while the Megane saloon does the same at 44,025 euros. The family variant, the so-called Megane Sport Tourer raises the price slightly, up to 44,930 euros.

Aesthetically, this series will differ in all cases from the rest of the versions thanks to a sportier appearance. In fact, it comes to occupy the same place in the range of each of the models as the RS Line, which was previously derived from the RS models developed by the brand’s sports division, Renault Sport.

The elements that will be responsible for differentiating these versions, in terms of design, will be a new shade of gray paint with a gloss finish that the brand calls “Warm Titanium”as well as gold-colored finishes on the foil on the front bumper, the lower part of the doors and the false exhaust outlets in the rear.

Cockpit of the Renault Arkana E-Tech Engineered hybrid.
Cockpit of the Renault Arkana E-Tech Engineered hybrid.

Inside, for its part, the “Warm Titanium” finds a place again in the seams of the upholstery, while there will be lines in the same gold color that on the outside finds a place in the seams of the steering wheel, the dashboard and the outlets of air. The steering wheels will bear the “E” for the E-Tech brand, while the door sills will also feature a specific design.

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