Prologium solid-state batteries in VinFast electric cars in 2024

Vietnamese electric vehicle manufacturer VinFast continues to accelerate its growth and expansion by announcing a strategic partnership with the manufacturer of solid state batteries ProLogium. In the Memorandum of Understanding signed, ProLologium is committed to providing solid-state battery cells for implementation in VinFast vehicles from 2024.

VinFast is a car manufacturer belonging to the Vietnamese conglomerate VinGroup, which is characterized by being very multifaceted. Its lines of business are related to sectors as disparate as medical care, five-star resorts or theme parks. At the Los Angeles Auto Show last fall, the first two electric vehicles from this new automaker were shown for the first time: the VF 8 and VF 9.

Pending the delivery date of the first units of these two electric SUVs, VinFast announces that could already arrive with solid electrolyte batteries thanks to its collaboration agreement with its new partner, the Taiwanese ProLogium. The press release announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that includes an investment of “tens of millions of euros”, although the exact amount has not been disclosed.

ProLogium will dedicate a significant part of the production of its first solid-state battery plant, which will start operations in Asia in early 2023, to VinFast. This facility is sized to produce 3 GWh of batteries per year, which is equivalent to 30,000 electric cars with 100 kWh capacity batteries. ProLogium also has plans to establish other solid-state battery plants in the US and Canada.

VinFast’s investment in ProLogium’s solid-state battery technology makes the two companies long-term strategic partners. The collaboration aims to develop battery pack designs that meet the parameters set by the Vietnamese manufacturer. Vice President of Vingroup and CEO of VinFast Global, Madam Le Thi Thu Thuy, states that “VinFast has focused on investing and creating strategic partnerships with companies that have cutting-edge technology, to quickly understand and apply their smart and sustainable mobility solutions” .

VinFast VF 9 and VF 8.
VinFast’s first two SUVs, the VF8 and VF9, were announced at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Under this strategic cooperation agreement, ProLogium commits to supplying its solid-state battery cells to VinFast from 2024 coinciding with the next generation of electric vehicles from the manufacturer.

ProLogium has a seven-year history of solid-state battery manufacturing. Since then it has filed more than 500 patents related to its solid electrolyte technology, which is 100% recyclable and can be reused to create new battery cells.

As one of the first manufacturers to mass-produce solid ceramic electrolyte batteries, ProLogium has previously signed agreements with other electric car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, in January last year, or a few days ago, with suppliers as important as the German FEV.

The international expansion of VinFas

In its declaration of intent, a dizzying pace in its global expansion was already noted. Its intention was focused on entering the markets of North America and Europe, also establishing a headquarters in the United States located in the city of Los Angeles. In May of this year, VinFast announced the prices of its two SUVs starting at €43,600 and €50,900 respectively.

In addition to the direct sales model to individuals, VinFast offers in Europe a battery Subscription Plan, which will be mandatory for all models marketed during 2022 and 2023. The package offers unlimited mileage, free maintenance, repair and replacement of the battery when its capacity falls below 70% in exchange for a monthly fee of 120 euros for the VF 8 and 150 euros for the VF 9.

Its deployment in European territory will be boosted by the opening of 50 points of sale in different European countries, starting with France, Germany and the Netherlands. In the United States and Canada, it offers different benefits for its customers such as free charging sessions or the installation of a home charger included in the price of the vehicle.

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