Production of the Mercedes eEconic electric truck starts at the Wörth factory

Mercedes not only wants to become one of the most important brands in the field of passenger car electrification, but also in trucks. The Germans are taking the lead in a race that looks exciting in the coming years. The second of its electric trucks is already alive. The Mercedes eEconic has just started series production at the Wörth plant, the jewel in the crown of the industrial division. His main job will be to make various applications for urban environments.

As in passenger cars, trucks have categories or segments. The smaller models are used for less heavy and demanding tasks, while the larger models are required to meet the toughest exercises in the industry. After the launch of the Mercedes eActros, the star brand’s heavy electric truck now comes the eEconic. A more restrained format both in size and characteristics, but that also uses the same platform and the same electrified bases.

The Mercedes eEconic is based on the same electric vehicle architecture as the eActros. A state-of-the-art modular platform that is capable of adapting to different sizes and bodies. Production of the eEconic kicks off in Mercedes’ special truck lineup alongside other non-electrified models. Following a parallel line, once a large part of the elements of the truck have been assembled, it is separated and transferred to the Future Truck section, where all the electrification work is carried out, combining automated operations with other more manual tasks.

The eEconic features three battery modules with a gross capacity of 112 kWh each.

Currently the Wörth plant has been positioned as the electrified banner of the Mercedes truck division. About 2,700 factory workers have been trained to perform installation work on high-voltage vehicles, as well as in the assembly of electrical components. Thanks to this flexibility, Mercedes manages to produce state-of-the-art thermal and electric trucks under the same roof. At the end of last year the Mercedes eActros embarked on a path that today is followed by a more urban version.

Although Mercedes’ plans on the path to electrification of the fleet include a long-range version, the Mercedes eActros Long Haul, of which we have already been able to see the first details. The eEconic will perform more modest duties. The first unit is destined for Denmark, where the Urbaser company will use it for various tasks related to urban cleaning. A friendlier environment where you can put all its qualities to the test, 336 kWh of gross battery capacity and a power of 400 kW.

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